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Learn all about how you can use CSGOEmpire codes to get free coins for betting on the site by reading our article. We discuss different methods of obtaining free coins using codes.

There is something extra enjoyable about betting with free coins. You have the chance to win without any risk. One way to get free coins is by using a CSGOEmpire promo code. By entering the CSGOEmpire free coins code you can earn coins just for registering to the site. Wind up the year right by using CSGOEmpire referral codes 2020, and make some bets using the free coins this will provide you.

Refer a Friend to Earn CSGOEmpire Free Coins

It is possible for you to get your own referral codes for CSGOEmpire. When you refer a friend to CSGOEmpire and they use the site you can earn free coins. The friends you refer to the site need to be new users. If they have played on the site within the last 3 months they won’t be eligible and you won’t earn any free coins. Also don’t share your referral code in the chat room. The people there aren’t eligible and most likely it will end up getting you banned from the site.

Use a CSGOEmpire Code to Get a Free Case

Getting coins for registering isn’t the only free thing you can get a CSGOEmpire by using a promo code. Players can also open a case for free. By entering a CSGO Empire free case code you can open a gift case for free without having to deposit a thing. The skin you inside is yours to do with as you will. You can withdraw skins or exchange them for coins which can be used to wager on one of the sites games. Exchanging skins you have won is one way how to get coins at CSGOEmpire.

It should be mentioned that using a gift code isn’t the only way to get free cases on the site. Players can get free cases every day by playing one of the games at CSGOEmpire. The higher your level the better the daily cases you can open. Levels can be raised by earning XP. Every coin bet on Roulette earns players 100 XP while on Coinflip each coin wagered earns 30XP. An additional 10% bonus XP can be claimed by adding “csgoempire.com” to your Steam user name.

If free daily cases aren’t enough CSGOEmpire also offers some very nice giveaways on a regular basis where you have the opportunity to win some valuable skins. Players can earn entries to the giveaways in several different ways. Any player who refers a new user to the site earns 500 entries. Following CSGOEmpire on Twitter and Instagram earns 100 entries each, while liking the site on Facebook can earn another 100 entries. Adding “CSGOEmpire.com” to your Steam user name and subscribing to CSGOEmpire emails are two other ways to pick up 200 entries and just entering the site using Steam gains you a hundred entries. Now you have a chance to win a valuable CSGO skin or other prize for free.

Place Bets Using Free Coins

So you have received free coins using a CSGO Empire code so what can you do with them? On the CSGOEmpire site you will find several different betting games:

  • Roulette: The Roulette game at CSGOEmpire uses Terrorist symbols, Counter-Terrorist symbols and a dice symbol instead of numbers. Winning bets on Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist pay 2 to 1 while a winning bet on the dice symbol pays off at 14 to 1.
  • Coinflip: Coinflip is a simple game that offers even odds to players. A player initiates a game by placing a bet on one side of a coin. A second player wagers the equivalent amount on the other side of the coin. The player that wins the toss takes everything less a small commission to the site.
  • Match Betting: At CSGOEmpire you can wager on a selection of CSGO matches. The odds will vary depending on the teams that are playing.

Free coins you obtained using a promo code can be used for playing the Roulette game as well as the Coinflip game on the CSGOEmpire website. In addition you can use them for wagering on the different CS: GO matches that are offered. Any coins that you win can be used to place further wagers or you can use them to withdraw skins.

Getting CSGOEmpire Coins

CSGOEmpire coins can be used to wager on games or to withdraw skins from the site. There are a number of ways to obtain coins besides using codes. These include:

  • Deposit with Real Money: You can deposit real money to your account which is then exchanged for coins. Methods available for real money deposits are G2A Wallet, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, UnionPay and Skrill. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are also accepted.
  • Deposit with Skins: Using Steam players can deposit CSGO skins as well as items from DOTA2, Rust and H1Z1. Skins can then be exchanged for their equivalent value in coins.
  • Other Users: At CSGOEmpire players can both send and receive coins to and from other players using the chat function.
    Wagering: Placing bets on the different games provides you with the opportunity to win coins. Of course winning is not guaranteed.

Benefits of Using CSGOEmpire Codes

Obviously it’s nice to get free coins and cases using CSGO Empire codes but the benefits extend beyond just collecting free stuff. They give players an opportunity to try out the website without having to risk anything. For those unfamiliar with the games, these can also be tested without having to put any money on the line. While it isn’t likely you are going to turn the free coins obtained using an affiliate coin into a fortune there is the opportunity to win something. Aside from winning there is also the entertainment value that is gained. Of course everybody likes to win but many users play just for fun and betting with free coins doesn’t hurt your wallet and is entertaining.


Do I have to deposit anything to claim free coins at CSGOEmpire?

No. You can earn free coins just by registering to the site and entering the referral coins?

How often can I get a free case at CSGOEmpire?

Users can claim a free case on a daily basis.

How can I improve the items I get from free cases?

Users can get better free cases by increasing their level.

How do I level up at CSGOEmpire?

Players increase their level by earning XP. You can earn 30 XP for every coin wagered on Coinflip and 100 XP for every coin wagered on other games. Adding “csgoempire.com” to your Steam user name earns you 10% bonus XP.

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