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Read our article about the best CS:GO Crash websites to learn where and how to play this popular betting game. We discuss what Crash gambling is, how to play the game, using codes to claim bonuses for it, some strategies to employ and a list of good Crash sites.

What is CS:GO Crash Gambling

Crash is a popular game found on many CSGO casino sites. It is a fast playing game with each round usually lasting a few seconds. Most sites with Crash allow around 10 seconds between rounds in order for players to place their bets. The game basically consists of a multiplier that is usually represented by a line on a graph although on Thunderpick Crash the multiplier is represented by an airplane. The multiplier starts at 1 and increases as the line moves up before eventually crashing and going to zero.

How to Use CSGO Crash Sites

To start playing crash you will need to be registered to a site that offers this game. Players will find Crash on CSGO real money betting sites as well as on skin betting sites. On sites where deposits are made using skins players typically register and sign in using their Steam accounts. Once registered and signed in users will need to deposit funds to their accounts via the various methods available on that particular site. On CS GO Crash sites where deposits are made using skins, the skins will be exchanged for coins that can be used to wager on the game. Now players can navigate to the Crash game and start to play.

How to Play Crash

As mentioned previously this game has a multiplier that starts at 1 and increases until at some point it crashes and goes to zero. The object of the game is for players to “cash out” when the multiplier is as high as possible but before it crashes. Payouts are the player’s stake times whatever the multiplier was when they cashed out. For example, if a player wagered $10 and cashed out when the multiplier was at 4x they would win $40. Obviously if it crashed before they cashed out they lose their bet. Many sites will have the results of the last several rounds posted where players can see them before placing a bet.

Crash is definitely a game where timing matters. Most games have an “Auto” feature that players can use. Players can set the amount they want to bet and at what point they want to cash out so that it occurs automatically without having to manually click/tap a button. This is especially useful for players with slower internet speeds. The Auto feature can also be set to increase or decrease the amount wagered as well as the desired multiplier by a specific amount based on whether the previous round was won or lost.

How to Always Make Profit in Crash CSGO

Basically there is no way you can be sure of making a profit every time you play crash. Regardless of the strategy you use there will be times when you lose. You can improve your chances of walking away a winner by following a few common sense rules.

  • Use bonuses: For some reason there are players that don’t take advantage of the bonuses that most CSGO Crash sites offer. You can’t lose if you’re playing with the casinos money. Just check the terms and conditions of bonuses before you accept them as some are more favourable than others.
  • Have a budget: Decide what an affordable budget is for you and stick to it. When you reach your limit stop. Chasing losses is a sure way to lose more than you can afford.
  • Play at a reputable Crash site: There is always the chance you can lose on any gambling game at any site. However the odds of you winning are much better if you play at a site with a good reputation

CS GO Crash Codes

Almost every CS GO Crash website offers bonuses to attract players and keep them coming back to their site. The first bonus you will probably come across is a welcome bonus. These bonuses are given to new players and can be claimed by entering the appropriate code after registering to a site. For example when reading our CSGOEmpire review you will find a code for a bonus you can claim when you register to their website. Most sites offer bonuses and promotions in a variety of different ways. You can often claim bonuses by following a CSGO Crash site on social media and some sites offer daily bonuses regular users can qualify for.

CSGO Crash Strategy

As mentioned above there are no guaranteed strategies for Crash that guarantee a win. Different players have strategies they feel work for them and we will briefly cover a few of them here:

  • Low cash out strategy: Some players feel that if you use the Auto feature and set it for a relatively low multiplier such as 1.5x that you will come out ahead. Using this strategy you will definitely win more rounds.
  • High cash out strategy: A riskier strategy is to use the Auto feature to set the multiplier at a higher number such as 5x. The theory here is that you will win less rounds but the higher payoffs will cover losing bets.
  • Martingale system: This is a system that has been used on many different gambling games. Basically the strategy is to double your bet after every loss, the theory being that when you win a round you will recover all your losses plus win the amount of your original stake.
  • After winning a bet the player returns to their original stake. The flaw here is enough losses in a row can eventually result in your not having enough to place the next bet or you exceed the maximum allowable bet at the casino.

Top CSGO Crash Betting Sites

There are a lot of sites out there where you can go to play this game and it isn’t always easy to choose. We have provided a short CSGO betting sites list of where you can play it at a reputable CSGO gambling website:

  • CSGOEmpire: A popular CSGO skin betting site that offers Crash
  • Thunderpick: This site offers Crash and you can also play for real money
  • CSGOFast: Popular CSGO skin betting site where you can play Crash
  • CSGOPolygon: Nice CSGO betting site that has Crash

When you have had your fill of Crash and would like to bet on esports matches, try a site like Unikrn where you can get your CSGO fix by betting on CSGO matches. Read our Lootbet review and our Betway esports review to learn more about what these CSGO betting sites have to offer.

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