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Peruse our article about CS GO raffle sites to pick up valuable information about this form of online skin betting. Some of the topics we cover include the different types of skin raffle games, how the various games work and choosing the best CSGO sites for skin raffles.

How Does CS GO Raffle Work?

To participate in a CSGO raffle you will first have to be a member of a site. Find and register to a CS GO raffle website you feel comfortable with. Players who plan to deposit and withdraw CSGO skins will need to register through there Steam account. Some of the best CSGO gambling sites will even give you bonuses just for registering. For example if you use CSGOEmpire referral codes when registering to their site you will earn free coins you can use to bet with. Codes can be found in our CSGOEmpire review. Once you are registered to a site you can participate in raffles.

There are actually several types of CSGO raffles players can take part in. The first of these is a traditional style raffle. This is the type of raffle most people are familiar with. Players purchase tickets outright using coins for a particular item that is being raffled. A ticket is selected randomly and the holder of that ticket wins the skin/item being raffled. This type of raffle isn’t as common and not found on many sites.

The second type of raffle is in the form of case opening and is what you are more likely to find on a CSGO raffle site. There is a certain thrill to opening a case without knowing what it will contain. Not every case is a big winner but often you can win skins that are worth much more than the amount you have invested plus it’s a lot of fun.

Raffle Trade CS GO

A third type of raffle variation is the “Trade Up” game. It is a raffle trades CSGO game that takes a little more explaining. In this game players trade a set amount of coins for any skin they choose from the sites marketplace. The chance of a player winning the bet is calculated based on the amount of the bet and the price of the particular skin that is being played for. Of course the higher the value of the skin, the harder it is to win. Gamdom is a CSGO raffle site that offers this particular game.

CSGO skin betting sites have been making a comeback and there are plenty out there to choose from. To find the best skin betting sites and see what they have to offer take a look at some reviews before joining the site. For example a CSGOFast review will tell you what type of games the site offers including raffles, methods of deposit and withdrawal, bonus offers and other important and useful information.

Author: Mary S Colbert
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Mary S Colbert is the chief content editor at csgobettings.com. She has 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst with a particular focus on CSGO and uses her expertise to write on the topic and pass on her knowledge. Many of her informative articles can be found here at csgobettings.com
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