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Read our article about some of the best CS: GO roulette sites online and pick up useful information about playing using skins. We discuss the top skin betting sites that offer roulette, how the game versions differ and provide some tips to increase your odds of winning.

CSGO Roulette Websites List for Skin Gambling

CSGO Skin Gambling sites are betting websites that accept deposits in the form of CSGO skins. CSGO skins are cosmetic add-ons to weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. On many CSGO betting sites roulette is one of the most popular games offered. The way it usually works is a player deposits skins to a site which are exchanged for coins or tokens. The coins/tokens can then be used to place bets on the skin roulette game. Many of the roulette games differ from the classic roulette found in casinos but use the same principles. There are a number of different skin betting sites that offer roulette. Here is a CSGO betting websites list of where you can play roulette:

  • CSGOEmpire
  • WTFSkins
  • Thunderpick
  • CSGOFast
  • Gamdom
  • CSGO500
  • CSGOPolygon
  • CSGOSpeed
  • Roobet

Not all CSGO betting sites are created equal of course. Below you will find a brief overview of the best CSGO Skin Gambling sites for roulette.


The CSGOEmpire roulette game doesn’t much resemble a traditional roulette wheel. There are no numbers or colours on the wheel. Rather they use 3 different symbols, Terrorist (T), Counter-Terrorist (CT) and Empire. There are a total of 15 slots, 7 for T, 7 for CT and 1 for Empire. A winning bet on T or CT doubles your money while a winning Empire bet pays 14-1. Signing up to the site using CSGOEmpire referral codes will earn you a bonus.


Thunderpick is an online casino licensed in Curacao. Players can deposit to the site in a number of different ways including using CSGO skins. Thunderpick is about the only site that offers a traditional roulette game. As a matter of fact they have 16 roulette games on their site including the American, European and French versions. Those not familiar with traditional roulette can try out the games for free in “Demo” mode.


The roulette game at CSGOFast is actually called “Double”. There are three colours players can bet on, red, black and green. A winning wager on red or black doubles your stake while a winning bet on green pays off at 14-1. CSGOFast has a “Free Coins” system where players can earn free daily coins.

WTF Skins

WTFSkins roulette games is similar to those on most skin betting sites. Once again players can bet on the colours red, black or green. You can double your money with a bet on red or black. A winning bet on green pays 14-1. WTFSkins also gives out free coins daily.


Roulette at Gamdom at first glance is the same as on many other sites. Players bet on red, black or green. Winning bets on black and red pay 2-1 and a winning bet on green pays 14-1. However, they have added a twist to their version. A small percentage of the total amount bet every round is added to a jackpot. Between every 1-100 spins the jackpot bonus feature activates. Winning players from that round will divide 80% of the jackpot amount and losing players divide the remaining 20% of the jackpot.

All 5 of these sites may be considered free CSGO roulette sites as they offer free coin bonuses in one form or another that can be used to wager on roulette.

How to Win On CSGO Roulette Sites

You will sometime hear of different systems of playing CS GO roulette that are supposed to guarantee a win. The fact is there is no system that can guarantee a win. Fortunately there are still some things you can do to improve your chances.

Make use of bonuses and promotion: Betting sites are always offering bonuses to attract players. Check and see what bonuses are available and make use of them. Make sure to check the terms and conditions attached to bonuses.

Set a budget: Allocate a certain amount that you are willing to lose and stick to it. Stop when you reach that amount.

Know the odds on games: Stick to the games with better odds. For example the house edge in American roulette at Thunderpick is around 5.26% while European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. That’s a significant difference.

Reading reviews of sites can also be helpful. For example read a CSGOEmpire review if you want to know what others have experienced on the site.

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