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BC.Game Review

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In this BC.Game casino review, you will learn how as a crypto enthusiast you could earn extra crypto by playing casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and other games. Also, you will learn in this BC.Game review, what BCD is and how to unlock BCD, and withdraw or swap BCD for other cryptocurrencies. Let’s go.

  • Utilizes Ethereum smart contract to ensure transparency
  • Supports about 59 different cryptocurrencies
  • A fantastic user interface experience
  • Wide varieties of games to choose from
  • Can be played on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal
  • Free and fair gaming experience
  • No way to update your email, you would have to create a new account instead
  • Allows only cryptocurrency deposits
  • No free demo
  • Fairly limited in terms of poker

Online casinos haven’t always existed, but it’s safe to say that since they hit the market, they’ve been widely used. And there is no shortage of possibilities or demand; as of 2022, there are thousands upon thousands to choose from. It all depends on your preferences and the payment methods you would want to see offered at the casino.

BC.Game Review

Since players are constantly looking for fresh experiences, this will help to improve and expand the gaming industry, allowing the player to concentrate on the games themselves. 

BC.Game Overview

bc.game bonusBC.Game, an online casino game, was launched in  2017. It allows for  deposits and accepts more than 150 different cryptocurrencies. This enables virtually any cryptocurrency owner to access the casino without having to exchange money. Over 1 billion wagers have been put on the website since it was founded, and it is home to 3 million members.

The casino originally only had 16 games, but after five years in operation, this number has appreciated. It is accessible in the majority of nations and provides a wide range of games, including more conventional casino games like Roulette, Baccarat, or Poker and original video games like Mine, Crash, CoinFlip, or Hilo. 

BC.Game casino games offer live dealer games continuously and even display the house edge for each game so you always know how much you’re risking. Among BC.Game, the BC Dollar ($BCD), the game’s own internal money, is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Your first, second, third, or fourth deposit will each be matched by BC.Game by 180%, 200%, 220%, or 240% in $BCD. Additionally, the casino offers prizes for winning medals in games, finishing daily challenges, or participating in the website’s minigames.

The best Bitcoin casino site, BC.Games, has an incredibly sleek user interface and each game is loaded with cutting-edge graphics and thrilling soundtracks.

The BC.Game app is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, which enables you to gamble wherever you want. BC.Game is also a CGF(Crypto Gambling Safety) verified operator, integrated with the Lightning Network, ensuring instant deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Did you know that BC.Game is also one of the best Bitcoin Cash casinos in 2022?

As a CSGO Case Opening Website, you could also trade CSGO skins, and cosmetic upgrades to weapons in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

BC.Game, provides a variety of game types, and supports a dazzling 150 cryptocurrencies. We’ll be going over each of these in detail down below in this BC.Game casino review.

BC.Game Features

A  distinctive quality of BC.Game is that it gives you the freedom to design your own BC.Game bonus code, as well as your own games and inviting people to the casino. By doing this, you may effectively create your own miniature casino inside the BC.Game ecosystem: a rare chance to put your networking and entrepreneurship abilities to the test while also maybe making passive income.

BC.Game Casino Games

BC.Game offers varieties of online casino games. The list of standard video games includes:

  • Dice Bit
  • Slots of Star Prize
  • World Wheel of Luck slots for prizes
  • Video Poker House Edge in Baccarat
  • Dice Hash
  • Chinese Beauty
  • Super Zero Coin Slots for Netbox
  • Fortune Spinner Master Medal Dice
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

The most played games on the casino website include Blackjack, Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Keno Single, and COCO. Classic games like Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, and HashDice are in quite high demand.

BC.Game Casino Review

A number of Crash games, online slots, Lucky Spin, and video poker are also available on the BC.Game platform. Users’ gaming preferences are saved as cookies on the cryptocurrency casino website. In every session, these cookies aid in determining the most appropriate game types. The additional software is not necessary in BC.Game because the web app software maintains these cookies updated for changes in preferences. 

Gamblers can win money by playing slots (including online slots) or dice games, and they can also obtain free spins to keep their progressive slots active. Medals are also available to players at higher levels in games like Baccarat and Master Medal. Also players can create and trade skins thanks to bc.game being a CSGO Case Opening Website. At every level of these games, winning prizes (such as the Daily Bonus Roll competition) is prevalent on the website. Even for simple live casino games like Plinko and Crash, the level of excitement rises. Updated game technology is also present in Plinko and Crash. Additionally, BC.Game recently launched a sports area, making it one of the more recent betting options.

Assessment states that BC.Game offers a game of role rivalry. HashDice, Treasure, and Curacao are just few of the games with intuitive interfaces to draw in gamblers. Each game review allows players to ultimately get lucrative prizes. The majority of players enjoy playing these dice games.  Provably fair algorithms are used to defend all of the games. The BC.Game casino offers simple navigation through its assortment of game-related promotions. You can browse through games like video poker or fortunate spin, live support, VIP information, promotions, and many other options using the menu on the left. Additionally, it has dark and light options. BC.Game is also a reliable CSGO betting site.

What are CS:GO Sites?

CSGO sites are site where you can play  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games. Another example of a CSGO site is Gamdom. There is a Gamdom Affiliate code when you refer someone. This code can be used as a wager on free chest games.

Supported Currencies and Crypto and Approved Payment Methods

The simple payment methods of BC.Game are widely praised in almost every review you find on the internet.

The transactional processing system for the crypto casino primarily takes cryptocurrency. The site’s main payment option is a credit card transaction, which is followed by a transaction from a cryptocurrency wallet. All payment methods are supported by Blockchain technology.

Using the platform’s My Wallet feature, you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.

  1. Go to the Deposit Portal – to make a deposit to your account, go to  “My Wallet” in your account profile and click on it.
  1. Choose the Coin – From your account, you may browse Changelly’s comprehensive list of coins. Choose one
  1. Get the one-time address: For each transaction, the website produces a special wallet address. Copy the address that is given. As an alternative, the online casino provides a QR code that must be scanned in order to obtain the wallet address.
  1. Enter the Amount – Choose the amount you wish to deposit into your gaming account in accordance with the minimum deposit criteria for each currency. Enter the amount, copy the casino’s supplied address, and send

Both deposits and withdrawals are processed in ten minutes. The maximum withdrawal amount for each cryptocurrency should always be checked because their values fluctuate. You can view the wallet settings for each of the accepted currencies on BC.Game in their thorough Help section.

As a cryptocurrency-only online casino, BC.Game does not accept FIAT money as a form of payment. If you wish to gamble online using both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, you might want to look into other casinos.

Accepted cryptocurrencies for payment include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

$BCD, or the BC Dollar, is the home stable coin used by BC.Game.

Withdrawal Times and Fees

Withdrawals are processed by the cryptocurrency casino and bookmaker in 24 hours. This time frame is based on the amount you are withdrawing. Additional verification may be necessary for large payouts, which could entail an additional few hours of waiting. The length of time it takes for funds to reflect depends on the cashout method used. To verify the record, every cryptographic transaction must go through numerous confirmation cycles. Depending on the blockchain and charge, confirmation can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

Desktop and Mobiles

Any player can access BC.Game through their website, which is accessible anywhere except for countries with restrictions. It is also accessible via its smartphone apps on portable devices. You don’t need to install any additional software on your computer to play on its website. Meanwhile, both Android and iOS devices can use the mobile device app.

Restricted Countries

Yes, BC.Game is an online game and should be accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world, however, this is not true as there are some countries where certain online games are not allowed and BC.Game is not an exception to this. 

The following are countries with restriction

  • China
  • Curacao
  • European Caribbean Island 
  • France 
  • United States. 

Licensing and Safety

Your gaming security is assured because BC.Games has received certification from the Crypto Gambling Foundation for its legality and authenticity. This online casino is also registered in Curacao; it is likely trustworthy and a lot of user reviews indicate that it is a reliable online gaming site. It is also applying for licenses from other gaming commissions. So, is BC.Game a legitimate company? It is, indeed!

But given that it’s not offered in some major nations, some security-conscious online gamblers think the company needs more licenses and stronger documentation of its legitimacy.

Since Ethereum smart contracts power the BC.Game casino, there is a high degree of transparency and gaming security. For those who are unfamiliar, smart contracts are computer programs that run on blockchain technology. They guarantee findings that are accurate, timely, and unaltered.

In other words, transactions are transparent and entirely traceable. If necessary, a gamer can also conceal their username. The two-step authentication procedure can be enabled for greater gaming security.

Customer Service

Players of BC.Game have access to round-the-clock customer care. You can send them an email or utilize the live chat tool. As an alternative, you can participate in group chats and forums to solicit assistance from other players. To learn more about the casino’s procedures, you can also read the FAQ part of the platform.

This online casino has 4.2/5 ratings on Trustpilot, which indicates very positive user feedback. Customers laud the platform’s selection of games and promos. Customers laud their responsiveness, which is another outstanding quality of their customer service.

However, some users claim that other users on the network have the ability to hijack accounts and take money from BC and other users. According to some BC evaluations, the game’s solution to the issue hasn’t been adequate for the concerned gamers. 

Is BC.Game legit?

Having a plethora of good reviews on Google and other tech-dedicated sites for casino games, it is safe to ascertain that BC.Game is legit and its site trustworthy. Additionally, even if it’s possible to lose your money, you may easily pay out your gains after every successful stake into your wallet when you win. So, BC.Game may be your best option if you want to add more cryptocurrency to your wallet by playing games.

How Can I Unlock BCD in BC.Game?

As you place bets on any games or sports on the BC.Game platform, BCD incentives become available. Take your wager multiplied by 1% and 25% to unlock these rewards. With $400 wagered, for instance, you can unlock 400 × 1% x 25% to equal BCD.

Signing Up 

At BC.Game, creating an account is simple. You can sign up by visiting their website, clicking Sign Up, and providing your preferred email address and password. You can open an account with this online casino by doing just that. You receive a signup bonus after successfully creating an account.

The next step is to deposit your first cryptocurrency and begin using real money to play. BC.Game typically doesn’t request any documentation for verification, protecting the anonymity of its users. However, the business may request that you produce papers to validate your BC.Game account if they suspect any misconduct or violations of the terms.

Later on, you can use the self-exclusion function of BC.Game, which can assist you in limiting your gambling. Speak to a live chat representative and request assistance with your self-exclusion request. Take a withdrawal before making such requests.

BC.Game No-Deposit Bonus Codes

To receive a free fortunate spin and a chance to win up to 1 BTC, enter the following BC.Game no deposit bonus code: csgobettings

As a CSGO betting site, you can also use the CSGOFast bonus code


BC.Game is the online casino for you if you’re looking for one that has a large selection of games, accepts a number of cryptocurrencies, and offers lots of promotions and bonuses. It’s an excellent site for those who love crypto gaming and just want to have fun without having to worry about their security. Since it supports portable devices, it’s also ideal for gamers that enjoy playing while on the road. Easy account signup is combined with quick deposits and withdrawals.

A BC.Game casino review is reputable for providing honest gaming insight to all consumers. Different elements of fairness are incorporated into the design of BC.Game Casino’s general atmosphere. The casino is also awarded a medal for its strong blockchain security. The reports go into safe gambling practices for players on this gaming site. Overall, BC.Game captivates players with its distinctive table games and bonus spins.


Am I limited to Cryptocurrency Deposits?

Yes, only virtual coins are allowed in the sports betting section and online casino. Some available coins include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple. This has been discussed in this BC.Game review in earlier sections. However, verify whether you can use a cryptocurrency from your location. A hybrid casino would be a better option for fiat banking.

Which Maximum Payout Limits Apply?

BC.Game does not have limits for both deposit and withdrawal. However, you must still take into account each payment method's unique limitations. A specific number of transfers is only permitted with some coins. keep in mind that the blockchain takes longer to confirm a huge amount.

How many confirmations must be made on my deposit before I may withdraw?

You need at least three confirmations for your entire deposit. There are separate verifications for each deposit. The length of confirmation depends on the blockchain and the charge. If you still have concerns about crypto verification, get in touch with assistance through the live chat option.

Is it possible to modify my registered email address or username?

This is not possible, just like with other online casinos. Ensure to provide accurate information during registration, as they are permanent information. The only option available should you forget your username or can't access your registered email would be to create a new account with a new email.

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