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  • Easy registration process. You can quickly register a new account on the site in minutes. You can also log into your account instantly using a Steam account.
  • Massive number of cases. The larger the number of cases, the higher the chances of getting high-quality items. The site is constantly updating its store of cases of items.
  • Great promo codes. You can enjoy all promo codes similar to the csgo empire free case code when you sign up for an account.
  • The site is available in two languages only. It would make sense to expand the number of languages the site is available. Currently, the site is available in English and Russian.
  • The chatbot is not always accurate. It would be nice if the site could allow users to directly contact human customer care executives instead of relying on the chatbot.

What is helltv.store?

Helltv.store is a site that allows players to purchase and exchange expensive skins for little money. Once you open an account on the site and top it up, you will have the chance to purchase any of the site’s cases.The site will then automatically highlight which cases you would have bought at random. You can then withdraw your skins via the Steam account. Alternatively, you exchange the skins for a balance on the site. This will let you purchase and open another case of skins again. The logic of using the site is that the more cases you open, the higher your chances of getting skins of great value. In this review, we cover the most important aspects of the site. We base our review on a thorough examination of the legitimacy and other features of the site, including how its promo codes compare with the farmskins promo code and others.
hltvstore overview

Referrals and promo codes

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Helltv.store runs several referrals and promo programs. As a player, you can create a short referral campaign and invite players to join the site. When you use either the promo code or link, you get a reward when players join any of the projects on the site using your code or link. This works similarly to what you may find in any csgo gambling sites, including those that offer roobet casino promo code and others.

Hell store Banner

Once your referral joins the site, you will receive a reward. The rewards are usually a small percentage of every bet the new player makes on the site. This means that the more the number of referrals you have, the higher the number of earnings you make on the site.

We have the promo code “csgobettings” for free $1. You can use it to get the csgo free case opening opportunities on Helltv.store. In addition, you can get a couple of high-quality skins to trade in for more money or withdraw via your Steam account if you are lucky.

Redeeming the promo codes is a straightforward process. Once a player logs in to their account, they will see a small button on the top right-hand side. Clicking on the button opens a small window for one to input their promo code. Then, pressing the ‘activate’ button starts the process of redeeming the benefits of the promo code.

Deposits and Withdrawals Options

hltvstore deposit method

Helltv.store allows its clients to deposit funds via numerous methods. If you are using a desktop browser to access the site, you can click on the small green button at the bottom of the page. The button is marked, ‘add funds.’ The site will prompt you to choose your country when you click it. This is necessary to ensure the depositing process is smooth and secure. Once you choose your country, various options for depositing funds to your account will appear. Here is a list of the deposit methods you can use to add funds to your Helltv.store account.

  • Plastic and virtual cards, including Mastercard and VISA
  • FK Wallet
  • Steam Pay
  • Yoomoney
  • Qiwi
  • PM USD
  • Cryptocurrency (BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Monero).

It is easy to withdraw funds to your Steam account. Once you provide the trade links on your account, the site will send you the valuable skins that you would have won to your Steam account. Here is how you can quickly set up your trade links on the account and start withdrawing funds from your account.

  • Go to the settings section on your Helltv.store account.
  • Scroll to the trade link section. Insert your current trade link. The site will automatically update your details and save the trade link on your profile.
  • You will now be ready to move funds from your account to Steam seamlessly.

Security and License

Hell store Banner

Helltv.store has invested considerably in the security of the site. The website has various security features that comfortably ensure clients deposit, withdraw, and purchase cases. The security features cover all aspects of the site, including accessing csgo free cases that the website offers its new and established clients.

One of the key security features of the site relates to payment and withdrawing methods. The site users advanced security features to ensure that users do not lose their data when transacting. When either uploading funds to your account or withdrawing money, the data you key in is secured.

The site also uses the SSL security feature. You can verify that a site uses this feature by checking for a small padlock button at the beginning of its website address. Sites that use this security are more secure than those which do not.

The management of the website takes the security of its clients seriously. For example, the management says it reserves the right to terminate any account violates its core security features. Thus, practices like transferring accounts to third parties are not allowed. This is because of the security risk that such an act poses.


There is nothing complicated about the software if you understand how the csgo games are played and the role of skins. However, the software on the site is different from some common ones, like what controls csgo coinflip games. Helltv.store is designed as a site that lets users purchase and open cases that contain csgo skins. Thus, the site stores all the skins that Steam has ever released. The value of the skins varies widely. Naturally, users are keen on getting high-value skins for playing with or trading in.

Every case on this site contains items that are randomly selected. Players enjoy this site because they cannot directly know what kind of items they will find in any case. The website uses proprietary software called Provably Fair PF to determine the selection of the items. This algorithm ensures that the site does not predetermine what kind of items go to any cases.

When purchasing cases, you can choose what suits your budget. After that, the price of the cases goes up to $350. The site says that its clients purchase up to 400 cases every day. Here is a list of some of the most popular cases according to the number of times that the clients purchase them. The list contains the names and prices of the cases.

Number Name Price in $
1. Creepy Chewing Gum 1.10
2. Hades Bee 10.70
3. Death Bathtub 80.0
4. Bloody Cage 95.0
5. Bloody Puddle 135.0


You need to register on Helltv.store before you start playing. The registration process is straightforward. First, if you do not have a Steam account, you will need to open one. Luckily, opening a Steam account takes only a couple of minutes. Once your steam account is ready, you can go back to the home page and click on the ‘Login with Steam’ button. If you have automatically saved your login details on Steam, a small pop-up window will open. After that, Steam will automatically redirect you to your home page on the Helltv.store.

Setting up an account via your Steam account is easy too. Here is a simple procedure that you can use to do so.

  1. Visit the Steam account. Once you have logged in, go to the section that allows you to edit your profile.
  2. Go to the privacy section of your account. Change the inventory settings from private to public.
  3. Once you make these changes, the account will automatically update the details. This means that you will be free to play using your Steam account. You will also be able to withdraw funds to your Steam account without any restrictions.

Customer Service

Some of the best csgo gambling sites and related websites have advanced customer service and support systems. This usually includes a live chat feature. Having a live chat feature enables new clients to find their way around the site easily. Also, the feature lets clients communicate with customer care staff. This allows the staff to address issues instantly.

However, not all sites use the live chat feature. Instead, it has a chatbot that will help to guide you if you run into problems. Although the chatbot does a relatively good job, we think that many people find it annoying to talk to a bot when they need to communicate with a real human being.

Helltv.store has a few additional features for helping clients get help whenever they need it. One of the features is their FAQ section. The section contains many questions covering all the issues that a new client may have trouble navigating the site. For example, the questions address the issues of depositing and withdrawing funds, how to use promo codes and restrictions that the site places on some clients. The answers to the questions in the section are short and clear. Therefore, it is easy for a player visiting the site for the first time to get the help they may need from the section.

You can also contact customer service using a ticketing system. The team says that it answers inquiries within 24 hours. Thus, if your problem does not need an urgent solution, it may be necessary to send an email to the customer service team.

Conclusion – is it legit?

Helltv.store is a legit site. The Helltv.store bonus codes are genuine. Once you follow the right procedure, you can easily redeem them in the form of a credit on your account. Many bonus csgo sites usually carry fake bonuses and promo codes. Second, the site has multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. This makes it convenient for players to deposit money into their account or withdraw it. You can withdraw as little as $0.01 from your account. This lack of restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw from your account shows that the site is legit. Third, although you will not find many Helltv.store reviews online, the few available ones generally carry positive opinions from clients. Thus, many site users are pleased with the way it generally functions. So far, we have not found any review in which a player complains about how the algorithm chooses the cases.


Is there a difference between a promo code and a link?

There is no fundamental difference between a promo code and a promo link. Both serve the same function of leading your referrals to the site and helping you get a reward. You can use either to create a campaign. If you have been invited to a project, you can use either to join.

Should I create multiple promo campaigns?

Yes, you will have to create multiple promo campaigns. One campaign runs on a chosen advertising site. If you choose to use three advertising sites, you will have to create three distinct campaigns.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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