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Is CSGORoll legit and safe? How do I make money on CSGORoll? These are some of the most common questions among users who are new to CSGORoll. Good news: this CSGORoll review answers them.

  • Many games, including esports, available
  • Quick payout times
  • Easy sign-up process
  • The site lacks many no-deposit bonuses
  • Chat with players available after deposit

The CSGO betting industry is in flux. New entrants are constantly threatening to upset the balance set by the more established household brands. The newcomers attract clients with amazing offers and almost unbeatable bonuses and service delivery targets. Users are often keen on having a wonderful experience when they visit CS:GO Skin Raffle Sites or simply CSGO gambling websites.

CSGORoll is one of the most established platforms in this industry. The brand has remained quite popular among experienced players as well as those who are keen on learning and trying out CSGO gambling. Many pundits in the industry continue to evaluate the key features of the platform and heap praise on it. So, how has CSGORoll managed to remain relevant and even very popular in a highly competitive industry? Is CSGORoll worth your time and money as a fan of CSGO gambling?  

CSGORoll ReviewWe take the time to answer these and many other related questions in this comprehensive CSGORoll review. Read on to learn a lot of important things about this casino. You can then use the findings in this review to determine whether to create an account on the platform, deposit skins, and start placing bets to stand a chance to win.

CSGORoll Overview

Any credible CSGORoll review should contain a brief outline of the platform. Such information helps individuals who are not conversant with the website to understand its basic features even before delving deeper into the review. This review is not any different. Here is a brief outline of what CSGORoll is all about.

Although CSGORoll has been around for quite a while, it experienced a few technical and administrative problems a couple of years back. However, the parent company implemented a massive rebranding program for the website before reopening it to the public towards the end of 2020.

The rebranded platform is way better than the old one. For example, it has a fresh look that resonates with the desire of the younger generation of CSGO gamblers to enjoy their activities in a highly lively environment. The new site also has a minimalist style of design. One can easily get to the section he or she desires in a flash. There is no more clutter on the site to hinder navigation and undermine the user experience.

CSGORoll uses the provably fair algorithm to determine the outcomes of all the games. Thus, players are confident the parent company does not maliciously raise the house edge in a bid to defraud them and ensure they lose. Besides, the player-to-player system of exchanging skins that is available on the site enhances overall fairness and trust.

CSGORoll Casino Games

The best CSGO betting platforms like CSGO500 and others typically have hundreds of games. The games usually include those you may find in any classic online casino as well as proprietary ones. The common games may include roulette, slots, table, and card games. The proprietary ones may include lucky wheel, crash, dice, and even minesweeper. Here are some of the games you can play on CSGRORoll.


This is the first game you find when visiting the home page of CSGORoll. The logic of the game is that a player can win if he or she places bets on some color codes. The best color code is green. When the outcome of a round turns out to be on the green color code, the casino gives you a jackpot which is triple the amount you would have placed as a bet.


Crash is another very popular game among fans of CSGO gambling. CSGORoll also carries a modern crash game. It is easy to play and win because you do not need special skills and tactics.

CSGORoll LegitThe basis of crash is that a player sets a multiplier and waits for the amount of money placed as a bet to increase. The longer a player waits, the greater the amount he or she can win. However, a crash can occur at any time. If this happens, the player loses all the amount of money placed as a bet.


Dice is another very interesting game to play on CSGORoll. A player must deposit an amount and place a bet before rolling the dice. The internal algorithm of the website automatically rolls the virtual dice and displays the results. A player has a 50% chance of winning for every round of dice.


As the name suggests, there is nothing special about unboxing. The entire process entails purchasing a CSGO case and opening it to find out the items inside. One cannot be certain about the contents of any case until after purchasing and opening it. The expectation about the items you will find inside the case creates great excitement in individuals who participate in this activity.

Detailed CSGORoll ReviewThe cases are organized according to various criteria, including price, the date or release, and either live drops or best drops. Players can then use the items they find in the cases in various permissible ways. The most common one is to trade the items with other players who may need them. The prices of cases range from just a few dollars to even hundreds of dollars.


CSGORoll has recently introduced an esports section. Players can place bets on the outcomes of various games as indicated here.

  •         League of Legends
  •         Call of Duty
  •         DOTA 2
  •         King of Glory
  •         Starcraft Brood War
  •         Counter Strike Global Offensive

Some CSGO gambling websites lock some stages of their games. For example, you have to figure out how to unlock bcd in bc.game to advance in the game. However, this is not the case on CSGORoll. All the games are fully available as long as you deposit funds into the account.

Supported Currencies and Approved Payment Methods

CSGORoll allows its customers to use various deposit methods and add funds to their accounts. The first and primary method of adding funds to a CSGORoll account is by using coins. The coin is an in-house currency that enables individuals to value their skins, trade them, and even deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.

CSGORoll determines the value of the coin. Currently, you can purchase 100 coins for $70. This means one coin is worth $0.7. This value may change at the discretion of the company. Interestingly, CSGORoll gives its customers a 5% bonus when they purchase 100 coins at the current price of $70. Thus, you can simply obtain the 100 coins for only $65 instead of the marked price of $70.

You can add funds to the account on CSGORoll using other methods. The second most popular method entails using cryptocurrencies. CSGORoll lets its customers use any of the various cryptocurrency coins to deposit funds. Some of the coins clients can use include bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Others are Doge, BCH, XRP, and USDT.

It is also possible to use other methods to deposit funds. For example, the platform lets clients use VISA and Mastercard credit cards to add money to their accounts. Alternatively, one can use PayPal, GPay, CSGO skins, Skrill, or even Neteller to deposit money to a CSGORoll account.

All the payment methods take place in a secure environment. A client can’t lose money while depositing on the platform. This assurance should answer the ubiquitous question: is CSGORoll safe?

Bonuses and Promotions

CSGORoll runs various bonuses and promos. You can find this out by searching on any good Free Bonus Codes List. Fans like the bonuses because they come with very few restrictions. One of the most popular bonuses on the site is the daily free cases. Anyone who has an account on the site can participate in this bonus. Players who do not have a code from a third-party site can still activate this bonus by typing the word “Roll” as the promo code.

The site also allows its customers to earn up to 10% of the amount that their friends deposit under a referral program. Customers can simply gift their friends up to three cases. CSGORoll then awards the three recipients of the free cases a 5% percent bonus on the amount of money they add to the new accounts. The platform then gifts the player who sends the three gifts to friends a 10% bonus of all the deposits from the recipients of the cases.

Withdrawal Times and Fees

Withdrawal times on CSGORoll occur in two forms: instant and escrow. A player can request escrow skins if she or he meets all the requirements set by the website. One of the key requirements for anyone to use this method relates to deposits. Your bankroll should be reasonable for you to use this method. Instant skins are excellent because the skins are made available immediately after one requests them.

The escrow method takes a long time. CSGORoll keeps such skins under lock for up to seven days. Hence, any player who uses this method must be patient enough for the seven days to elapse before they can access the skins.

Desktop and Mobile

The CSGORoll web application works perfectly on any good browser. So, players who use desktops can deposit funds, play games, and even withdraw money without having to install an app on their devices.

CSGORoll does not have dedicated apps for mobile devices. Thus, there is no need to think of downloading and installing a CSGO app on your mobile devices. It is possible and easy to access the website from your mobile browser. The site has been fully optimized for mobile viewing. Thus, you can do everything while using a mobile phone.

Restricted Countries

CSGORoll is restricted in several countries as indicated here.

  •         Australia
  •         Afghanistan
  •         Syria
  •         Israel
  •         Japan
  •         India
  •         China

However, residents of these countries can access the website. A simple search using the phrase ‘best VPN for Rollbit‘ will yield results of solutions that apply to CSGORoll. The VPNs obfuscate the location and IP address of the user, thus enabling one to bypass such restrictions that the authorities impose on residents of certain countries.

Licensing and Safety

The parent company of CSGORoll is Federal Holdings Limited. This firm is fully licensed by the authorities in Belize to provide online CSGO gambling services to clients. You can find this information in the footer section of the CSGORoll website.

Customer Service

CSGORoll has an excellent customer support service system in place. Clients who need help can simply chat with the customer support team by navigating to the bottom of the home page and clicking on the small icon of a headset. Alternatively, one can send the team an email. They do take a little longer to respond to detailed emails but the good news is that they always address all the issues that customers raise in such emails. It is also possible to get some help from fellow customers on the platform. The group chat feature operates on a 24-7 basis. However, you must deposit at least 100 coins to be able to participate in the chats.  

Is CSGORoll Legit?

Is CSGORoll legit? This is a very common question among even experienced CSGO fans who may be visiting the platform for the first time. Interestingly, all good reviews of online gaming platforms, like bc.game casino review, answer this question very clearly to help the readers make up their minds about whether to start using the platform being reviewed.

Our evaluation indicates that CSGORoll is a legitimate, safe, and reliable CSGO betting website. For the start, the casino has genuine bonuses that are easy to claim if one is eligible. Anyone who has worked with another online casino bonus, like the CSGOFast bonus code, will find it easy to activate the CSGORoll promo code and claim the associated bonus. The process takes just a few minutes.

Second, the methods of transacting on the website are simple to use, secure, and fast enough to meet the expectations of the clients. The company does not charge abnormally exorbitant fees for processing withdrawals. The price of the coins is also reasonable, given that this is a CSGO gambling website that needs to use its coins to facilitate transactions.

Third, CSGORoll has a rich collection of games. The games are organized into categories so that players can quickly navigate and find them. It is easy to learn the games and play them. All the games on the site are controlled by an algorithm. The website does not have the power to alter the outcomes of the games in their favor or that of the client. Thus, players are contented that the outcomes of the games are completely random.


If you are looking for the perfect CSGO gambling website to start placing bets, CSGORoll may be the right platform for you. The various features of this website are very friendly to players who are new to CSGO gambling. For example, the games have a nice user interface and are easy to learn and play. Moreover, this site is perfect for players who are experienced in the game. The various deposit methods are a great convenience to individuals who would not like to be restricted to using skins. The bonuses come with great rewards and reasonable restrictions. The process of claiming a bonus is simple and transparent.


Is CSGORoll safe?

Yes, CSGORoll is a completely safe CSGO gambling platform. You can deposit money into the account safely. The site has invested in high-end cybersecurity solutions. Thus, it is completely secure from any form of fraud.

How much is the coin on CSGORoll?

CSGORoll determines the value of the coin. This may change from time to time. Currently, one coin is worth $0.7. However, the website encourages people to purchase the coins in bulk by giving them a small discount.

Can I bet on esports matches on CSGORoll?

Yes, you can bet on the outcomes of esports matches on CSGORoll. The website covers key matches in all major leagues around the world. Besides, there are more than five different types of esports to bet on.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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