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Thinking of using CSGORoll but not sure if it is the right platform for you? Here is an unbiased CSGORoll review, revealing its feature, and answering the age-long question, is CSGORoll legit? Read on to find out its pros and cons and learn if this is the CSGO skin gambling website for you

  • An incredible simple signup process
  • Multiple options for depositing
  • High-definition game graphics
  • There is a live chat
  • There is an audio chatting function in the PVP mode
  • The fact that withdrawals may only be made in terms of CSGO Skins or Keys is CSGORoll's lone drawback

When it comes to an online skin gambling platform, CSGORoll ticks all the appropriate boxes. The CSGO community also loves CSGORoll very much. On their channels, a large number of YouTubers are covering it and creating educational content about it. And when we review CSGORoll, we found that the feelings were largely the same.

CSGORoll Review

Also, when you initially visit most websites that sell CSGO skins, they are typically overloaded with a lot of information, which makes the whole process of trading tardy. It’s not the case with CSGORoll. It is well-designed, offers quick and simple access to the various games, and when combined with a highly lucrative daily bonus scheme and a simple registration process, CSGORoll is quite the package. Learn more about CSGOROLL in this CSGO review.

CSGORoll Overview

For those who want to play CSGO gambling, CSGORoll is a hotspot and the ideal venue. The website was only recently rebranded and given a “boost up,” so to speak, to improve it and eventually reflect a better user experience.

The seven-day trading hold on CSGO skins implemented by Steam in 2016 led to the temporal closure of CSGORoll.

The CSGO skin gambling website was relaunched in 2020 with updated animations and a fresh lineup of games.

CSGORoll has established a solid foothold among the CSGO skin gambling community. The website uses a secure P2P (player-to-player) trade system to guarantee fair transactions and enables smooth deposits and withdrawals of skins.

We suggest CSGORoll because their games are well-made and their system is straightforward and provably fair. This would also help answer questions like is CSGORoll safe? 

The CSGORoll website uses a provably fair system, which means that all games are secure and have been built with your safety in mind. There is no chance of game cheating, and no situation exists where games would be manipulated to give players an unfair edge.

CSGORoll Casino Games

On CSGORoll, there are six primary games; four of them are the main games, and the other two are PVP variants. Here’s a brief overview of each category of the game on the platform.


The conventional CSGO roulette game is called Roll. This particular roulette table contains 15 slots, of which Red has 7, Black has 7, and Green has just one. You can wager as little as 0.01 coins or as much as 100,000 coins when playing.

Is CSGORoll Legit

The casino will double your winnings if you place a winning wager on black or red. On the other hand, the casino will pay up to 14 times wager if you win on the green.


In Unboxing, players can pay to open cases for a number of times in the unique CSGO skins game for a chance to win expensive skins. The player is given potential winning skins, and winners often get significant payouts. There are about over 100 available cases to choose from a certain

There will be a list of potential skins when each case is opened. By following the steps, you have a chance to win any of the skins. The skins may be used or exchanged for cash on the platform.


In the game Crash, you will wager money and compete against an increasing multiplier. With the site’s RNG, the game will crash at random and reveal the game’s outcome.


Dice enables you to modify the slider so that you may roll a number between 0 and 100. The odds are greater but the possible payout is smaller the higher the number.

CSGO Features

Game types Roll, Crash, Unboxing, Dice, and Case Battles
Withdrawal Methods CSGO skins, CSGO P2P Trade, and CSGO keys
Accepted cryptos Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT, and Ripple (XRP)
Review count Over 1700 on Trustpilot and a 4.7 rating
Methods of Deposit PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and NeoSurf.
Other deposit methods CSGO skins, CSGO P2P trade, and CSGO keys

Supported Currencies & Approved Payment Methods

In CSGORoll, coins are the unit of exchange for all bet types. Coins are worth around €0.69 per coin, or €69.14 (or $70 in USD) for 100 coins. Users can deposit primarily through direct means including credit and debit cards, banks, PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies (supported cryptocurrencies are as follows: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash). Otherwise, bettors can deposit their money through Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, and NeoSurf. The minimum coin deposit is 4.99 coins, which is equal to $3.49 or €3.45.

Additionally, because CSGORoll is a skin betting site, you can deposit skins straight from your Steam account, which are then converted into coins based on their current market worth. You may even add a markup (of up to 12%) to skins you anticipate will be deposited with increasing value.

You may always trade skin withdrawals directly into your Steam account to redeem them. If the item is in stock, the withdrawal may be instantaneous but may take up to seven days, according to CSGORoll.

However, if you’d rather not wait, you can always sell your goods for coins and purchase directly from another player in CSGORoll’s Player-to-Player section, which already has a large selection of skins available.

However, there is no method for you to withdraw cold hard cash from the platform since CSGORoll does not support real-world trading. This is the only flaw CSGORoll has. However, if you choose to trade your skins outside of CSGORoll, you do so at your own risk and are free to enjoy them as they are. Regarding withdrawal restrictions, there is a daily cap of 1000 coins over your deposit value that you can take out. However, CSGORoll personnel may manually approve withdrawals that go beyond your daily cap.

The criteria for KYC have been created by CSGORoll as part of its anti-money laundering measures (Know-Your-Customer). The skins betting platform complies with these requirements by being upfront about its policies on its website. Your identity would, however, mostly depend on one of the following:

  • A handwritten message referencing CSGORoll and a copy of the person’s passport, ID card, or driver’s license.
  • A recent utility bill (electricity, water, bank, or official post) submitted to one’s registered address and issued within the last three months provides proof of address.

These might be sent to their live chat feature on their website, as illustrated below, or through their 24/7 support email at support@csgoroll.com.

Bonuses and Promotions

Promo codes and bonuses are used by gambling platforms to draw new players to their service, motivate them to play there, or keep them depositing. The same is true with CSGORoll. For instance, you can use this CSGORoll Promo Code to play CSGORoll games.

This is why CSGORoll is one of the oldest skin betting sites available. In addition to having a solid reputation as a reliable bookmaker, they often give a ton—and we do mean a ton—of promos. Whenever they get the chance, CSGORolls is known to hold giveaways (worth hundreds of thousands of coins) and game discounts, whether it’s their foundation anniversary, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, or even just randomly.

They typically conduct their giveaways via their jackpot system, which is essentially a raffle. By opening event-only cases, which improve your chances of winning a prize, you can earn entry or tickets for their jackpot. Therefore, the more you play, the better your chances are of being one of the weekly winners. The victors are then typically announced live on their Twitch channel.

In addition to raising deposit bonuses and releasing instances with greater loot odds as part of these raffles, CSGORoll also temporarily lowers the house edge on its betting platform. A fantastic illustration of this is their Summer 2022 promotion, which gave away 500K worth of coins from July 25 to August 21. Spending money at the Coconut Shack on coconut cases will win you entries towards their 300K prize. As long as you play on CSGORoll, you can take advantage of the jackpot as well as unique CSGO staff and community competitions, leaderboards, and exclusive cases. This is another compelling reason to play CSGORoll games.

There are also a couple of bonuses you could win due to CSGORoll being a CS:GO site using certain codes such as CSGOFast Bonus code. Also, you can find Free Bonus Codes List here.

For both new and seasoned gamers, there are a few extra bonuses available on the site. Some of the offers are listed below.

How to Play CSGORoll games

At CSGORoll, getting started and signing up is easy.  You’ll need to sign in using your Steam account. You can set up an account if you don’t already have one for Steam.

You must add money to your account after logging in before you can start playing. To view what skins and items you have available for deposit, check your inventory, or click the deposit button to find your account.

Once you have funded your account, you can choose from any of the four different games to play. You can join the live chat if you wish to converse with other players while you play. It’s a great way to discuss your victories or ask questions about the site, but you’ll need to deposit at least $7 to utilize the chat.

As one of the CS:GO skin raffle sites, you can participate in raffle games, such as the traditional raffle, and case opening raffle. There is also the trade-up raffle for skins. Of course, these games are quite easy to play, but anybody who plays on the site will enjoy the excitement and the motivation.

You can also use bonus code CSGO500 to play games on CSGORoll.

Withdrawal Times and Fees

Skins available for withdrawal are either in the instant skin category or the Escrow category.

Instant skins are the type of skins you get immediately after you must have met the condition of having made at least one successful deposit to CSGORoll and are thereafter qualified for trade via Steam, Instant Skins will be made accessible to you as soon as you request them. Either our “stock” or our P2P trading system can be used to obtain this item.

In Escrow, Skins are accessible from a few hours after the request is submitted until a maximum of seven days afterward. This is because objects with a seven-day lock are not eligible for the skin trade. When you order the item, you can check how much time is left on the skin in your CSGORoll inventory.

In the following circumstances, CSGORoll reserves the right to reject withdrawal requests: The requested item cannot be delivered because of third-party blockers outside of CSGORoll’s control; the user’s profile was flagged during the withdrawal and CSGORoll needs time to further investigate; the user’s profile does not meet the criteria to be eligible for the trade offer; or any other circumstance. Please email support@csgoroll.com for a detailed explanation of why a withdrawal request was denied.

CSGORoll could occasionally be unable to provide the skins you have ordered. In this situation, CSGORoll will provide a complete refund up to the item’s value in addition to a potential fix. Another item that is now accessible maybe this one, therefore a withdrawal request might be made. It’s also crucial to remember that to give or receive things, a user must adhere to Steam’s own set of conditions. If conditions are not satisfied, restrictions will be put on the user’s account. We advise checking the Steam guard and market limitations first since they are the most frequent causes of item withdrawal failures.

Since RWT (Real World Trading) is not supported by CSGORoll, any trades for skins will take place through Steam. You cannot sell or swap any Skins you receive as a result of using the Services for cash, monetary equivalents, or other valuable items. CSGO retain the right to immediately suspend or permanently delete your account if it discovered that you are participating in Real-World trading on the service or elsewhere. If you win a virtual skin other than skins balance (for example, a virtual AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New)), (i) you are only eligible to win such a skin at or roughly around the cost of that item at the time of gameplay, and (ii) the company may, in its discretion and the event of an extraordinary fluctuation in the skins cost of such item, payout some skins equivalent to such cost at the time of gameplay or another virtual skin.

Desktop and Mobile

CSGORoll is completely compatible with mobile devices, as you may anticipate from a contemporary Crypto Casino. No app has to be downloaded; however, you may quickly open the website in your mobile browser and log in as usual. Playing any of the games is just as easy whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone or desktop.

Restricted Countries

Although CSGOROLL has players all over the globe, there are still some countries where CSGOROLL games are not allowed. These countries include:

  •       Afghanistan
  •       Australia
  •       China
  •       India
  •       Iran
  •       Israel
  •       Japan
  •       Lithuania
  •       North Korea
  •       Syria

Licensing & Safety

Although CSGORoll is an unlicensed website, all of the games are provably fair. The public hash, which will display the whole history of the game and its return to player rate, may be used to validate each of the games, including Roll, Dice, and Crash. Provably fair removes the need to put your trust in an online casino since you can check the game’s historical outcomes at any time to make sure it’s secure.

Customer Service

CSGORoll, which was established in 2016, is one of the most reliable gaming sites that provide peer-to-peer skin trading. Contrary to what its name might imply, CSGORoll provides more than just rolls for your gaming enjoyment. For gamers interested in trading up their rusty old knives for a real Dragon Lore, it offers a wide variety of games. So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for brand-new, rare skin to use in-game.

As previously noted, the preferred skin trade platform for CS:GO cosmetics or skins is CSGORoll. You can wager on CSGORoll’s selection of games and win coins to swap for these skins, whether you prefer knives, AWPs, or anything else. Along with Hellcase, CSGO Empire, and WTFSkins, CSGORoll continues to be one of the best skin betting websites. And the reason for that is that it is a dependable platform for CS:GO gamers of all levels who want to bet, have fun, and gain skins in the process.

Is CSGORoll legit?

Naturally, if we didn’t believe CSGORoll was worthwhile of your time, we wouldn’t be here. Listen to their raucous community instead of taking our word for it. With 1772 reviews on Trustpilot and a nearly 6-year track record as the preferred skins betting site for CS:GO gamers, CSGORoll enjoys a 4.6-star rating.

CSGORoll is the most trustworthy skin betting site available thanks to their system which can be proven to be fair and secure deposit and withdrawal methods. Last but not least, a glance at their Twitter reveals an astounding 200,000 followers, the platform’s seal of approval for dependability. There is a reason why they have been on the scene for so long.

So to your question, is CSGORoll legit? Yes, CSGORoll is legit.

Other CSGO Gambling Sites like CSGORoll


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Being a widely popular CSGO crash site, there is nothing to be disappointed about when it comes to playing on CSGORoll. With the welcome offer that may be available when you sign up, players will be more than satisfied. A very straightforward and well-designed website makes joining CSGORoll a very simple affair. With this CSGORoll casino review, you should have had a taste of what CSGORoll is like, and you will find out that all the information provided here are in fact true and you will soon realise that this CSGO site is among the top ones currently available in the community as you enter the site.


CSGORoll: Is It Real?

Given that CSGORoll has more than 1700 Trustpilot reviews and tens of thousands of active customers, the service is entirely authentic. CSGORoll is one of the top CS:GO gambling sites that use provably fairness to ensure your safety.

Is CSGORoll Reputable?

Yes, it is completely reliable since it has a secure player-to-player transfer method for making or taking out skin deposits. SSL encryption is also used by CSGORoll to increase security.

How do I withdraw money out of CSGORoll?

At CSGORoll, withdrawals are processed using CSGO skins. If you would like to withdraw your coins, you would have to first purchase skins or any other items of your choice and then transfer them to your Steam account. You can then trade your Steam card or make a direct

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