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The best CSGO minesweeper sites give customers access to the game and the opportunity to place bets while enjoying it. There are hundreds of sites that have Minesweeper as one of the primary games for their clients. Therefore, finding the best website on which to play the game and place bets may be a difficult task. This may be quite serious for young players who are not fully conversant with the process of evaluating such websites to get the best. In this article, we will take you through the process of evaluating websites and selecting the best on which to play csgomines. We will also briefly describe the factors you should use to evaluate the websites, how to go about playing the game, and a few tactics to help you increase your chances of winning while playing this game on the websites. There are also brief details about some of the best sites for playing the game.

About Minesweeper Game

CSGO gambling sites typically have hundreds of games for their clients. The higher the number of high-quality games on a site, the greater the value the clients derive from playing and placing bets. One of the most popular games among the fans of CSGO gambling is Minesweeper, or simply Mines. This game, which appeared back in the 1980s, derived its name from sweeping the ground to look for mines and detonate them. This practice is a standard military procedure during active combat.

The ultimate goal of playing the minesweeper game on CSGO gambling platforms is to open or sweep as many squares as possible without being blown off by a mine. It is impossible to tell which squares have mines buried under their covers. The decision to mine specific squares is a result of a complex algorithmic process. Thus, no player can master the squares that are mined at any given time. The more a player avoids the mines and successfully opens the squares, the higher the returns. 

The winnings in the game come from the skins that players use to place bets before playing. Thus, you must access skins, top up your account, and then use them to place bets before playing this game.

Instructions About How to Play CSGO Minesweeper

CSGO mines sites rarely contain detailed instructions on how to play the game. The owners of the websites assume anyone who visits their pages is already conversant with the game. But this may not always be true. Many new players are actively looking for precise instructions on how to play the mines game on CSGO betting sites. Here is a brief outline of how you can go about this.

  1.   Understand the underlying logic of the game

Minesweeper is similar to any puzzle game. The ideal approach should be to correctly identify and eliminate the squares you believe have mines underneath so that you are left with only those without the mines.

  1.   Remember to use the left and right buttons of the mouse properly

The right-hand side button of the mouse helps you identify squares that potentially have mines. The left-hand side button of the mouse lets you select squares that do not have mines underneath them.

  1.   The first click cannot affect your prospects

The first click simply helps you map out the entire field of squares before starting to select what you think has the mines from what could be safe. So, when you click on any square for the first time, numbers appear on some squares to help you decide clearly what is safe from what is not.

  1.   Use the numbers on the squares to predict the adjacent ones which may contain mines

This is a simple trick that can help you progress while playing on Minesweeper CSGO sites. The adjacent number of squares touching one which has a mine almost invariable contain mines too.

How to Pick the Best Sites for Minesweeper CSGO Betting

Every CS:GO skin raffle exchange site is unique. The differences between any two sites may be evident in key features like the nature and types of bonuses and promos or even the payment methods. Similarly, no two CSGO betting sites with Minesweeper are completely similar to one another. Thus, you must make a conscious decision about which specific site to use for playing this game. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a website for playing minesweeper.

Bonuses and Promotions

Generally, gamblers prefer websites with various bonuses and promotions. The bonuses should come with generous offers and minimal restrictions like those related to deposits and others. Ideally, one should find it easy to claim a bonus by simply accessing and using the code like the Roobet promo code or WTFSkins code. Take the time to study the bonuses and promotions available on the website you intend to use before settling down. Find out if the bonuses require deposits or not. Also, consider sites that have additional bonuses and promotions apart from those associated with signing up for an account.

The Collection of Games

Although your target may be to get a website ideal for playing Minesweeper, take the time to look at the other games available on the website. Excellent CSGO gambling platforms usually have a rich collection of different casino games. The games are usually either based on the classic casino ones like roulette or may be unique like dice, crash, and wheel.

The Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The methods for depositing funds into an account and withdrawing winnings are very important in the online gambling world. Online casinos may either use a selection of methods or simply stick to one type of currency for transactions. Some CSGO gambling websites allow only one method of depositing and withdrawing funds: skins. Others complement skins with cryptocurrencies and even FIAT currency.


Good CSGO minesweeper gambling platforms always have a good reputation. Clients who receive excellent services from such websites often go to third-party sites like Trustpilot and post positive reviews about them. Therefore, you can assess the quality of the services of such a casino by reading several reviews published on such third-party websites. Do not visit a website that has attracted negative comments from clients who used it in the past. On the contrary, go for sites that have positive comments from customers.

CSGO Minesweeper Betting Sites 

It is almost impossible to rank all the CSGO minesweeper betting websites that are currently operating. New sites keep coming up every other week with new service offerings. Often, these new entrants promise to meet the needs of clients that other older brands may be struggling to address. However, there are a couple of sites that stand out in terms of the criteria we have just provided for you to use to determine the best sites for playing this game. The following are brief details about these sites and the key features that make them stand out from the rest.


Roobet Casino has been around for many years. This is one of the most established casinos which allow players to use skins as the primary currency. Several features make Roobet stand out, however, the most important one is the bonus or reward system.

Roobet does not have the conventional welcome bonus for new clients who sign up for accounts on its platform. Instead, the casino has an innovative reward system called Roowards.

Customers have to do all kinds of basic things to move up the levels in the system. For example, depositing funds into your account and placing bets are sure ways of raising your Roobet level. The higher the Roobet level, the more rewards a person becomes eligible for.


CSGOFast is another reliable platform for playing csgomines and standing a chance to win money. This platform has also been in operation for several years. Therefore, the website has established a reputation for delivering excellent services to its clients.

Many users of CSGOFast note its quick payout times. The casino allows customers to access their money immediately so they can withdraw it. Some illegal casinos deliberately withhold the money of clients even after they categorically state that they have quick payout processes.

CS:GO Minesweeper csgofast

The site has amazing offers and promos. Moreover, it is also very easy to claim bonuses on CSGOFast. Anyone who has ever worked with other online casino bonus codes, like Stake Free Promo Code, will find it easy to activate the bonus and enjoy the rewards.


CSGOEmpire is an amazing platform for playing Minesweeper because it exists in more than 20 languages. Thus, the site reaches many clients in different regions of the world because it exists in many languages.

CSGO Minesweeper Site csgoempire
CSGOEmpire has many other games apart from Minesweeper. You will find common casino games like roulette, coinflip, case opening, and even live match betting.

There are many other sites where you can play this game apart from the three that we have discussed here. Some of these sites, like CSGO500 or CSGORoll, are exceptional because they allow clients to deposit and withdraw funds using various methods.

The Most Effective Method to Play

The most effective method of playing Minesweeper is to be cautious and avoid taking too much risk. This approach will help you minimize the amount of money that you could otherwise lose for unraveling many squares with mines buried underneath. Make small bets and be extremely careful while selecting the squares using the mouse.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started playing Minesweeper on a CSGO betting site. Here is a brief outline of how you can get started.

  1.   Select the site you will use to play

This is the first step in the process. Remember, we have discussed a few important things to consider before you settle on any site and start playing. The goal of using this approach is to avoid landing on a site that will not offer you the best services.

  1.   Register for an account

Create an account on the site you would have chosen. Most sites allow clients to set up accounts instantly using their Steam credentials. So, if you already have a Steam account, it will be easy to register on the online casino of your choice.

  1.   Claim any bonuses you may be eligible for

Always take advantage of any sign-up bonus that may be available on the platform. Such bonuses can give you a chance to play games and stand a chance to win without adding funds to the account. If there is a sign-up bonus, follow the procedure of activating it.

  1.   Top up your account

Remember to add funds to the account if this is necessary. Most sites allow clients to add funds using skins so that they can start playing the minesweeper game. If the welcome bonus permits players to access the game, it would be wise to use it and postpone adding money to the account at this stage.

  1.   Start playing

Use the playing strategy we have discussed to start playing the game.


Minesweeper will continue growing in popularity as many young fans of CSGO gambling turn to it as a way of enjoyment and possibly winning. Moreover, many new sites will continue emerging to attempt to address the growing demand for CSGO gambling in general. Players must be careful when selecting a site to use to play Minesweeper. Many illegitimate sites do not deliver what they promise. However, if one gets an excellent site, one can enjoy the game and many others that are usually found on such platforms. Thus, selecting the right site should be the priority of every fan of Minesweeper. Anyone can achieve this goal by looking at the key features of the websites they would like to use.


How can I win in Minesweeper?

You can win in Minesweeper by paying very close attention to the clues of the adjacent squares revealed by the numbers. This requires careful attention and caution while you play to avoid uncovering squares that have mines.

How does the minesweeper game operate?

The game works by an algorithm that determines the squares that have mines underneath and those which do not. The goal of the player is to avoid the squares with mines and win the bet.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
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