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What Is Match Betting CSGO?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been being played now for several years and the tournaments around the world are becoming more and more competitive. Along with all of the competition are coming the many fans and of course those that would wager on the outcomes of the CSGO games. Esport betting is fast growing and is expected to rival more traditional sports in the very near future.
However finding top sites that offer you what you need to make your bets at good odds is not always as obvious a choice as you would like. Not every gambling site offers esport betting and not all can be classed as reliable and trustworthy. So you will need to proceed with care when finding your betting sites.

How Are CSGO Matches Played?

There are many tournaments around the globe that can offer prizes often over $1 million. This of course makes them very attractive to many professional players out there. With the many tournaments and the playoffs leading up to them there are many opportunities to see the many teams at work and of course to lay down a small bet with the many CSGO match betting sites out there.

CSGO is a team game with two 5 player teams competing against one another. One team will take the role of terrorists while the opposing team will take the role of counter terrorists. These roles will then reverse half way through the match. Matches are usually made up of 30 rounds which are usually quite quick taking only a couple of minutes to complete. This ensures that the action levels are high as well as keeping the audience occupied and entertained. Some tournaments will require 3 matches to be played with the first team to win 2 being the victor.

The aim of the terrorist team is to place and detonate a bomb while the counter terrorists’ team is to prevent them from doing it or to disarm the bomb if it is placed. That being said the usual way that most rounds are won is by one side killing all of the other players.

Unlike many other first person shooter games the players cannot withstand many wounds and they will not heal or respawn during the round making for much quicker play. The skill of the players is therefore key to their teams winning.

How Is CSGO Betting on Matches Done?

Until recently there were many CSGO match betting sites that used skins for betting. Skins are the cosmetic upgrades that you can discover for your players as you progress through the game. These skins can be sold through the Valve Steam Marketplace and some of these skins can cost a thousand dollars or more! The value of sales through the marketplace exceeds $5 billion.
Some sites offered gambling with the use of the skins within the game. However this has been heavily criticised as there are no or limited controls to prevent underage gambling using them. This has led to many sites been closed and Valve blocking access to their marketplace stripping items from those that have gambled.
It is therefore now best to stick with more traditional “money” based gambling if you do not want to risk your hard earned skins or winnings. However, if you are going to risk your money and provide the site with your credit card details you will want to know that you can trust them and that they can provide you with the services that you want.
Most sites will provide you with traditional styles of bets such as the ultimate winner of a tournament. Many others will also offer all manner of different bets such as pistol round bets, and of course CSGO live betting as you actually watch the matches on the sites.

How to Do Well with Your CS:GO Games Bets

Once you have found the best CSGO betting sites you will need to do your homework if you are to do well with your wagers. Unlike many other sports there are no truly reliable analytics out there that you can use to figure out the likelihood of your chosen team winning. The same however holds true for many of the Counter Strike match betting sites which is why you will often find that the odds can vary quite considerably between them.
So how do you ensure that you will get the best possible results from your betting? The following few tips will help you to improve your likelihood of winning bets:

Understand the matches: get stuck in and actually play the game. There is nothing like actually playing to garner a good insight into what will work and how games are won. Knowing the mechanics of playing will not only add to the enjoyment of watching it will also give you an edge when deciding the likely outcomes of a match.

Watch the professionals: many have YouTube and other channels that you can watch to see just how well they play. Many of the professionals literally play all of the day and will provide you with a clear commentary as to what they are doing so that you get to know what works. You will also be able to quickly see who the top players are by following what they do.

Watch your team at the tournaments: when you start out it is often best to select just a single team or two and to follow them with care to understand just how they play. This will give you a much better idea of their capabilities allowing you to make more informed bets based on a long standing view of their specific performance.

Best CS:GO Match Betting Sites Are:

With so many sites to choose from out there it can be hard to know where to start. This is why our list of the top websites can help you. We show you the best companies to place your bets with:


This site has recently updated their look and site which has led to a more intuitive way of making your bets. They have been around since 2011 and are very popular with many of the esports betting enthusiasts out there. They have excellent reviews and are on the whole pretty well trusted within the industry. Minimum bets start from €1 and they have probably the best incentive for new members. They offer a 100% bonus on your initial deposit which can be as high as a whopping great €600.


This site is great for those that are coming from sites where they have become used to jackpots and coin flips. It is a fairly new site but has still earned the trust of those gambling in the field of esports. They can provide you with excellent live betting systems alongside their streaming service. Excellent for novices this site offers a 150% signing bonus of up to €100.


This is one of the more traditional companies that has dipped its whole foot into the esports market rather than simply their toes. One of the longest established betting companies out there and fully listed on the stock exchange you can be sure of the services that they provide for their clients.
While their site looks more like that of the traditional bookies that they are, they still offer you everything that some of the more dedicated esports sites provide. For your first €10 deposit you will also receive an additional €30 in free bets to use as you wish.


Another long term player that is able to offer you a full range of betting services for your CSGO betting and other esports. They provide a reliable and trusted service and are well used within the industry. You may be able to find some of the best odds here.
Minimum deposits are just $20 and you will be able to earn a starting bonus of as much as $250 depending on the size of your initial deposit.


This site is very much aimed at esports betting and provides access to around a dozen different sports that you will be able to bet on including CSGO. Aimed at esports this is one of the best CSGO match betting sites and provides a full live bet service alongside their streaming. They will provide you with up to $50 as a sign up bonus.

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