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If you are new to rust skin gambling, you may struggle to find the best site. This RustReaper review answers the following important question: is Rustreaper legit?

  • Easy registration.
  • A huge selection of games.
  • Many deposits option.
  • Many countries, including major global economies, prohibit their citizens from accessing the website.
  • The site does not have a live 24/7 chat feature with the support team
  • You can withdraw funds only by converting your coins to skins and putting them up for trade

RustReaper is one of the most established platforms for rust skin gambling today. Established in 2021, the site has rapidly grown in terms of users and overall popularity. If you are new to the site, you will first register an account with Steam before logging in. Even after successfully registering an account with Steam, you will have to use it to log onto your RustReaper account subsequently. Luckily, setting up a Steam account takes only a few minutes.

rustreaper overview

Although there are many reasons for the soaring popularity of this rust gambling site within a short time, the main one relates to the convenience that the site offers its users. Whether you are an established rust-skin gambling player or a newbie, you will quickly learn how to navigate your way on the site. All the tools and resources needed to start playing successfully are marked on the platform. You can also quickly deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account respectively.

There is a selection of games from which you can choose. The games vary in complexity, winning chances, and nature of play. Our practical experience shows that if you are familiar with some of the most common games in online gambling, you will have a fairly easy time on RustReaper.

Bonuses & Promo Codes

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Like many other credible rust skin gambling sites, RustReaper offers players a broad range of bonuses and promo codes. Bonuses serve specific purposes in online casinos. For example, many gambling platforms have a welcome bonus. This type of bonus may either be a deposit or no deposit. However, our observations show that many online gambling platforms give new clients a no-deposit welcome bonus. The goal is to encourage new sign-ups.

The casinos that give deposit bonuses typically use it to encourage clients to add funds to their accounts. Thus, you get a specified bonus after your first and subsequent deposits.

From our own experience, RustReaper has various codes for bonuses and promotions. Some codes are for new users who register on the platform, while others are for established users. The bonuses vary in terms of the conditions that one needs to meet to retrieve them and the actual value of skins or money that one gets.

Our research shows that one of the site’s most common bonuses is the 50% cash bonus event. The site says that it offers this bonus to all members to deposit money into their accounts. This is a great free cash bonus because it has minimal terms and conditions. You only need to sign up for an account on the site, add funds, and then activate the bonus code. However, from our observation, you should always activate this bonus code as fast as possible. This current offer runs for a limited time, you can take advantage of it.

Another exciting bonus that the site offers is the signup bonus. Once you register a new account on the platform, you are eligible for 500 free coins. You can use the free coins to feel the rustreaper gambling processes. The good news is that there are no additional conditions for retrieving the signup bonus.

The site also offers promo codes similar to those offered by other rust gambling sites, including the Roobet promo code. In addition, you can get the rustreaper codes on some of the leading sites. Once you click on the link on the sites, you will be redirected to the RustReaper site. You will then be able to claim your bonus by quoting the codes.

RustReaper has additional bonuses, promotions, and offers. For example, the site runs an affiliate program that allows customers with active accounts to earn free coins. Here is an outline of how the affiliate program on RustReaper works.

  1.     An active users creates a unique code on the affiliate section of the site
  2.     The user shares the affiliate code with potential clients using social media platforms or any other online channel
  3.     New clients sign up for accounts on RustReaper using the code of the client.
  4.     The new client gets 500 free coins for signing up for an account using the affiliate code
  5.     The owner of the affiliate code gets 100 free coins when one client signs up for an account using the affiliate code

The casino also gives commission based on the amount of money that the new clients deposit into their accounts and use to place bets. For example, when the client who signs up for an account on the platform using the affiliate code deposits more than 500, you earn 0.75% commission.

Our practical experience of using RustReaper shows it is easy to claim any of the bonuses using the promo codes. If it is a sign-up bonus, you will have to sign up for an account and then indicate that you would like to claim the sign-up bonus. Similarly, the platform triggers you to claim the free cash bonus if you deposit money into the account.

Games & Software

Based on our observations, RustReaper competes effectively with other rust gambling websites, such as the csgo gambling website in terms of the variety and quality of games.

  1. Rustreaper crash

Rustreaper crash is an interesting game that tests your ability to maximize your earnings without going overboard. The game’s main goal is to cash out before a crash occurs and you lose all the earnings. The sire has an automatic multiplier that steadily increases your earnings as you continue playing. The higher the earnings increase, the greater the risk of crashing and losing everything.

  1. Rustreaper coinflip

Coinflip is a popular game on rust gambling sites, according to our experience. The main concept of coinflip games is that two players deposit skins or coins of equal value. The algorithm of the site then tosses a virtual coin. The player who accurately predicts how the coin would fall takes all the skins. Just as it is the case with other types of coinflip games, Rustreaper coinflip offers players equal chances of winning every toss.

  1. Rustreaper roulette

Rustreaper roulette is modeled on classic casino roulette. To play this game, you have to bet on where the balls will fall. Different sections have matching values that correspond to your earnings. Your earnings can increase significantly if you make accurate predictions about high-value areas. All the areas have codes to help you calculate what is at stake.

rustreaper roulette

  1. Rustreaper Hilo

While playing Rustreaper Hilo, players place bets on the type of card that the algorithm on the site draws from a hidden deck. There are nine options for every round of play. The value of skin that a player wins depends on the cards that eventually come out of the deck. Hilo is another interesting addition to the games that are on Rustreaper. You can easily learn how to play it because it does not have complicated rules and regulations.

rustreaper hilo

  1. Rustreaper upgrader

Rustreaper Upgrader is another interesting game that you can play while on the site. The game is unique because it lets you gamble on the chances of upgrading your skins. The values of skins vary widely. The higher the skin value, the more attractive it is for players. You can bet on the chances that your skin will upgrade to a higher-value one. If it fails, you lose the original skin. If the upgrade goes through, you end up with a more expensive skin than you originally had.

  1.     Rustreaper Blackjack

Blackjack is another common online casino game. Many gamblers like to play this game because it is easy to learn it. The Rustreaper blackjack is ideal for players because the payback is in the ratio of 3:2.

  1.     Rustreaper wars

Rustreaper War, like any other game on the casino, lets you select the amount of money you would like to place, like a bet. Again, this game is controlled by the provably fair algorithm. Therefore, the outcomes are totally random.

  1. Rustreaper mines

The concept of Rustreaper Mines is like that of other versions of the game found on other platforms. You must select tiles carefully to avoid those which have mines.

The trade-up game mode on RustReaper is a unique feature. You can use it to exchange a stated amount of coins for skins. An individual can select from the range of all the skins available on the platform’s market.

Deposit Methods

Our research shows that it is important to consider the deposit methods available when looking around for a good rust skin gambling site. Credible platforms allow clients to deposit funds into their accounts through various methods. Some of the most common methods to deposit money to your rust skin gambling account include credit and debit cards and cryptocurrency. Using a site that allows you to use various methods to deposit funds is important because it gives you the convenience of adding funds to your account on the go.

As you would expect, RustReaper has various options for players to deposit funds. You can deposit funds to your RustReaper account using any of the following conventional methods: Mastercard, VISA, PayPal, Google Pay, and Paysafecard. You can also buy gift cards for your friends when you use these methods to deposit funds into your account. In addition, the platform gives an additional 50% bonus for depositing funds using any of these methods.

RustReaper allows its users to deposit money to their accounts using many other methods. For example, you can deposit funds in the form of skins. To do this, you have to purchase skins from a third-party website like Steam. Steam will then transfer your skins to your RustReaper account.

You can also deposit funds to your RustReaper account in the form of cryptocurrencies. RustReaper allows its users to deposit funds to their accounts in any of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Payment & Withdrawals

From our own experience, one outstanding feature of RustReaper as a rust skin gambling site is the security built around payments and withdrawals. Although many users are keen on using a platform that makes it easy for them to make payments and withdraw their funds, the level of security is equally important. It would be dangerous to use a platform where the withdrawal and payment processes are not secure. However, RustReaper seems to have given this issue a lot of consideration. You can process your payments and withdrawals without fearing losing your vital data or even money. The site uses high-level cyber security protocols to safeguard the processes of withdrawals and payments.

To withdraw funds from your RustReaper account, you will have to convert your coins into skins. One skin dollar is worth 1,000 coins. Once you have converted the skins into coins, you will need to put up the skins for trade. When someone purchases your skins, you will move funds into your account. The entire process depends on how fast another player on the platform purchases your skins. Nevertheless, it does not take an unreasonably long time for you to get funds to your account once you have completed the process properly.

Customer Support

One way to get support as a customer on RustReaper is to contact the team via tickets. Once you submit your ticket, you will have to wait for it to reach the team and for the team to respond. It may take an average of 24 hours for the team to respond to tickets. You can monitor the progress of your ticket and respond to the message that the team may send to you if you have further inquiries. If you are satisfied with how the team would have addressed your issue of concern, you can close the ticket.

You can also get support by visiting the FAQ section of the website. The section contains common questions among clients and precise answers. The answers are in an easy-to-understand language and quite accurate. Even new users can learn a lot about the platform by simply visiting the FAQ sections. However, many users treat the FAQ question as to the source of easy answers when they run into problems while already using the platform.

It would have been much better to introduce a live chat section between clients and the team. However, the sheer number of players on the platform at any time would mean that the company invests a considerable number of resources in maintaining a 24/7 live support team. The lack of this feature is not a big problem because there are several other options for getting help. Even the live chat feature among the users can be a rich resource for anyone unsure about something on the platform.

Is RustReaper Legit or a Scam?

Our analysis of this product shows that it is a legit and reliable platform for rust gambling. As mentioned before, there are many fake rust skin gambling websites coming up all the time. If you are not keen enough, you may end up registering an account with a fake website. Such fake platforms target many things, including stealing your data and conning you of your money.

Although there are many important signs that you can use to tell if a site is fake, many people still rely on online reviews. However, online reviews may not provide an accurate picture of a service or product. It is possible to create fake accounts and write fake positive reviews of a platform. If one writes the reviews well enough, they may rank higher than the genuine negative ones. Thus, it is important to take time and consider how legitimate a site is before registering your account.

We can confirm that RustReaper is a legitimate site, not a scam. Here are the key aspects that we have used to reach this conclusion:

  1. There is a verified owner of the site. You can check the details of the company that runs the website. The company has valid registration and address details.
  2. Genuine codes and bonuses. The codes and bonuses on RustReaper are as genuine as those of any other legit site, including CSGOEmpire code and bonuses.
  3. A genuine rust skin shop. You can purchase rust skins on the site or from a third party without any hiccups.
  4. The site uses enhanced cyber security protocols. Most scammer sites do not use SSL protocols for obvious reasons. You can tell the nature of a site by checking whether it uses this level of protection.


As our tests have shown, Rustreaper gambling can be an exhilarating and rewarding process if you understand what you need to do. It is important to take advantage of the various promo codes and bonuses that the site offers. If you are a regular user, you can still take advantage of the free coins that the site offers its players daily. Using the platform is a breeze. It is easy to access all the features and tools you may need when gambling. The site also offers a rich mix of betting games. Some of the most common games on the site include Rustreaper Crash, Rustreaper Coinflip, and Rustreaper Roulette. Depositing and withdrawing money into and from your account is easy. The site allows you to use various methods, including cryptocurrencies, to complete your transactions. Similarly, withdrawals are fast and secure. You can process your earnings within the shortest time possible.



Is Rust Reaper the same as Steam

No. There is no legal association between Rust Reaper and Steam. Steam is a third party that you, as a user of Rust Reaper need to complete your registration process. Rust Reaper clearly states that it is not affiliated with either Steam or Valve.

Can I make money on Rust Reaper?

As is the case with all rust skin gambling sites, making money depends on many factors. You need to understand the nature of the game you choose to play and develop the right strategy to increase your chances of winning.

On which devices can I access the Rust Reaper platform?

You can access the Rust Reaper platform on the following three types of devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can use any of these devices to do all activities on your account, including gaming, depositing funds, and even withdrawing funds from your account.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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