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What is rust gambling?

Rust gambling or betting is a special type of betting that lets players use rusk skins as currency. You can exchange your rust skins with other players all around the world. Also, as a player of rust gambling, you can access various online gambling platforms and use the rust skins as a form of currency. Rust gambling has been steadily growing in popularity in the recent past. Currently, rust gambling sites are as popular as csgo gambling sites. Also, the rust gambling sites nowadays allow players to get refunds for their rust skins from Steam. You can, therefore, try out rust gambling sites without the fear of losing your skins if something goes wrong.

If you open CSGORoll, a popular example of a rust gambling site, you will be able to deposit money to your Steam account. You can then use the funds in your Steam account to purchase a broad range of skins for your items on the site. Naturally, the prices of the skins vary incredibly with their appearance.


What are rust skins?

Rust skins are virtual cosmetic assets that players of the rust game purchase and use to decorate their items. When playing rust on any site, you will select items, including weapons and others. By default, the items have a pale color. However, many players find the default appearance of the items quite boring. To address this problem, rust sites have created a new market for skins. The sites allow artists to submit a selection of skins every often. Players can then purchase the skins directly from the sites. Alternatively, you can purchase skins from third-party websites, including Steam. In addition, players can trade skins with others or purchase them from the sites using real money. Therefore, skins enhance the look of rust items gambling on the sites.

List of the best rust gambling sites

Here is a list of the best rust gambling sites for 2022. In addition, we include a list of their promo codes, including free coins and other benefits. You can claim the benefits by registering as a new user to any rust gambling sites with such offers. However, the industry is highly competitive. Thus, almost all the best sites have various promo codes, bonuses, and offers for existing players.

Position Rust Site Bonus Promo Codes
1. CSGORoll Three free spins for new players
2. Rust Reaper $0.5 upon registration
3. CSGOEmpire $0.5 upon registration
4. Duelbits New clients unlock instant VIP rewards.
5. Roobet Free awards and promotion to level 1
6. Rust Moment Free coins upon registration
7. Rust Chance $0.50


Rust gambling types and games

You can play various games on any credible rust gambling site. Your choice of the game depends on how well you understand it. It is always a good idea to read extensive reviews of the games before playing them. Here are some of the most common rust gambling types and games you can play on any credible site.

Skin betting

Currently, skin betting is worth billions of dollars. Players continuously purchase and trade their decorative coverings for virtual chips for betting. As mentioned before, you can purchase your skins either on the rust betting platform or from a third-party site. Steam is the most popular site that allows rust gambling players to access different types of skins. First, you need to deposit real money into your Steam account. The money will then be converted into credits. Then, you can use the credits on your steam account to purchase skins. You can then use the skins to bet with other players worldwide.

Rust jackpot

Rust jackpot is one of the most popular rust gambling games that you can enjoy at any time. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. First, you need to purchase rust skins using real money converted to credit. Then, once you have your rust skins, you can deposit them into a virtual port. Your chances of winning the jackpot depending on the skins’ value that you deposit into the pot. For example, if you put in skins worth 70% of the total, you will have a 70% chance of winning the jackpot. The site then repeatedly announces the winner of the rust jackpot.

Rust coinflip

Rust coinflip is based on the basic concept of flipping a coin. Therefore, it is one of the few rust games where players have a 50-50 chance of winning. This explains why many new and even highly experienced players prefer Rust coinflip to many other rust games. If you decide to play Rust coinflip, you will purchase skins. The site then creates a virtual room where you get many other players. For the game to start, you and your partner must have deposited skins that have an equal value. The site then flips a virtual coin. If the coin falls on the side that you would have predicted it to fall, you take all the skins.

Gambling wheel

The Rust gambling wheel, as it is commonly known, is another highly popular rust gambling game. Players choose a color and then deposit skins. The colors on the wheels have specific multiplier numbers, including 2X, 3X, and 5X. You, as the player, will then take turns with the others to spin the wheel. If the colors of the wheel are aligned properly, you collect skins that are worth the product of your deposit and the multiplier. Many players like playing gambling wheel because they can compete against each other. However, your chances of winning, which are dictated by the wheel odds, are not as clear as those of Rust Coinflip.


Rust roulette is similar to the standard roulette found in physical casinos and space gambling platforms. You decide the amount of money that you would like to gamble with. You then predict where the ball will land when the table is spined. You can choose as many combinations as possible to increase your winning chances. Rust roulette allows players to do all these things on the rust gambling sites. If you get one of the best rust gambling sites, you can effectively play Rust roulette with other players.


Rust casino allows you to play various live betting games online. You can successfully participate in the rust online casino by first making a deposit. Once you have credit, you can purchase as many skins as you can afford. You can then use the skins to place wagers in various betting games. Your chances of winning in any of the games depend on the odds of the specific games. Whereas in some games, players who go against one another have an equal chance of winning, in other games, the winning chances depend on the value of skins that you wager. Thus, the higher the amount of money you are willing to wager, the higher your chances of winning such games.

Bandit camp

Rust bandit camp is another interesting game that you can play on any credible rust betting platform. The main goal of using the game is to use your skins to access certain areas of the mystical city. Many new and established players of rust gambling find Bandit camp an exciting game to play. Furthermore, it is easy to learn and master the game within a very short time. You can master all the techniques that you can use to defeat your opponents in the game quite fast.

Skin upgrade

Rust skin upgrade is a highly exciting type of rust gambling. Here is what happens. As a player, you decide to put up your skin for an upgrade. You choose the desired value to which your skin should be upgraded. You can choose any value in terms of multipliers. Once you put up your skin for an upgrade, you should be prepared for either two outcomes. One, you may get a skin of a higher value than your original one. However, if your skin fails to upgrade, you will lose it. The higher the value of the desired skin you choose, the lower are your chances of winning it. Thus, it would help if you were modest when choosing the value of the upgrade to avoid losing your original skin.

Rust gambling strategy

Primarily, you need to select one of the best sites for you to play and win in rust gambling games successfully. First, it is a good idea to check the credibility of sites to ensure that you register your account on the right platform. Second, always stick to your bankroll. This is particularly important when you are playing games where your chances of winning against your opponent are not as clear-cut as those of coinflip. Third, as many players have pointed out, it is important to reduce lag. You can reduce lag in rust by tinkering with the settings on your account. You can also optimize your connectivity by ensuring that your device uses the nearest server.

Bonus types

Free coins

The best rust gambling sites give their new and established players free coins as a reward. The free coins may be given as a reward for unlocking new levels of the game. In some instances, the sites give the new players who register accounts free coins. You can use the free coins to start placing bets on the games of your choice. There are usually no additional conditions for one to access and use the sites’ free coins.

Promo codes

Promo codes are a common benefit that rust gambling sites offer their clients. Typically, the sites provide codes that new users can utilize to unlock a form of benefit. For example, once you enter the promo code, you may get a set number of spins if you play any game that involves spinning the wheel. Thus, you should input the promo code while creating your account on the sites to get the benefits that the site offers.

It is common to get promo codes as a form of referral. For example, a site that publishes reviews of the best rust betting sites may also carry promo codes for some of the sites. Then, when a client registers a new account on any of the sites that would have been reviewed by using the promo code, the player gets a discount.

duelbits promo

Free cases

Some sites stand out from the rest by letting new players get free cases. The free cases function just like free spins in an actual casino. You can use them to play any game of your choice. In addition, if you are new to a site, you can use the free cases to test how the site functions.


What is the origin of skin gambling?

Skin gambling started in the early 2000s. Developers of CSGO gambling sites wanted to enhance the intensity of the games. So they introduced skins or players to use to decorate their items. Soon, a secondary market for skins arose and grew into what it is today.

How do I choose the right rust gambling site?

Apart from offers and benefits, including free coins, it would help to consider the variety of games and types on the sites. The larger the number of games on a site, the better the site for rust gambling.

How can I bet with skins?

First, you need to register as a player on one credible skin gambling site. Second, you then need to purchase skins either from a third-party site like Steam or where you register an account. Third, you need to choose the right skin betting game to play to place your bets.

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