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CSGO gambling sites let players place bets on the outcomes of live esports matches or play games to win. The defining feature of such sites is that players can add funds to their accounts in the form of CSGO skins and items from other games. Thus, CSGO gambling and betting activities are hinged on the emergence of CSGO skins exchange practice as a parallel market for those who would like to trade skins. Both professional CSGO players and fans can engage in this form of gambling. But rust gambling is another highly popular form of betting. Whether you are new to this type of gambling or you are already well conversant with its ins and outs, this article will be helpful to you.

What is rust gambling?

Simply put, rust gambling is a form of betting in which players use rust skins as the primary currency on the platforms. So, rust gambling can also be referred to as rust items gambling because players depend on the items from the game to purchase coins which they then utilize to place bets.
As you would expect, rust gambling incorporates rust betting. Rust betting entails using the skins and items to purchase coins and then predicting the outcomes of live matches in Rust and other esports. Rust gambling strictly means using the coins purchased via skins to play games on the online casinos that provide rust gambling services to their clients.

csgoroll rust gambling site

What are rust skins?

Rust skins are items that are used to decorate the weapons in the Rust game. Rust is a highly popular multiplayer game in which the ultimate goal is to compete against all the enemies and avoid getting annihilated. When players sign up for the Rust game for the first time, they get a set of weapons and other items to use in the game. However, some players feel the need to decorate their weapons as a way of distinguishing their identities on the site. These decorative items called skins do not add any value to the strategy of the players of the game.
The value of rust skins varies with the individual items. Whereas many skins cost just a few coins, others are exceptionally expensive. The costliest ones are usually in very high demand among the players of the rust game as well as those who are ardent participants in rust gambling.

List of the best rust gambling sites

It is easy to get lists of the best rust gambling websites. Such sites usually offer their clients a horde of goodies in the form of free coins, generous bonuses, and other promotions. Our researchers take the time to research and compile lists of the best sites for rust gambling. Here are some of the greatest websites we recommend you use for rust gambling and betting.

  1. CSGORoll

CSGORoll is a highly reputable and respected rust gambling website. New players can log onto their accounts on this platform using their Steam credentials. The site has amazing bonuses and other offers for new players. CSGORoll gives three free spins to clients who sign up for an account for the first time.

  1. CSGOEmpire

CSGO Empire is another great website for rust gambling and related activities. This platform has all the games that you would expect to find in a typical online casino. Some of the games available on CSGOEmpire include Crash, coinflip, and Blackjack. When you sign up for an account on this casino, you get a free amount of $0.5 as the no-deposit welcome bonus.

  1. Roobet

Roobet is well known for its unique reward system called Roowards. This casino, unlike many of its peers, does not give clients the classic welcome or other types of bonuses. Customers need to deposit funds into their accounts and keep wagering to qualify under the Roowards program. The more active a client is, the higher they move up the Roowards ladder. Customers who are at a high level get amazing rewards from the casino.

  1. Duelbits

Duelbits has established a solid reputation because of its excellent customer service and reliable payment methods. It is easy to sign up for an account using Steam or your email address. The process of loading up skins to an account is optimized and fast. New customers have the chance to unlock a few of the VIP features that the casino gives away.

Rust gambling types and games

Rust gambling sites carry all manner of games typical in online casinos. The games are usually based on conventional casino ones like blackjack, crash, coinflip, and many others. Many modern rust gambling sites deliberately increase the number of games that their clients can play. This approach is necessary to meet the various needs and aspirations of the gamblers who visit such platforms. The following are brief descriptions of some of the most popular games you are likely to find on Rust gambling websites.

Skin betting

Skin betting is by far the most popular type of rust gambling activity you will find on any of these platforms. Individuals who participate in skin betting simply exchange their decorated items for coins on the websites. They then use the coins to wager and stand a chance to win if things go their way. The players can then withdraw their winnings in the form of more skin items or money.

Rust jackpot

Rust jackpot is similar to other games, including CSGO jackpot. A player who participates in the rust jackpot must purchase the raffle tickets using their rust skins. The online casino then announces a prize pool for the jackpot. Players who win under different categories get rewarded accordingly. Thus, everyone who participates in the raffle stands an equal chance of winning part of the prize money. Participating in a rust jackpot can be the easiest way of making money as a rust gambler.

Rust coinflip

Rust coinflip is an equally popular game found on Rust gambling websites. The game is based on Coinflip, an old casino game that entails betting on the outcome of flipping a virtual coin. One amazing thing about Rust Coinflip is that the players who participate in any instance of flipping the coin stand an equal chance of being correct. Besides, unlike many other games, Rust Coinflip allows gamblers to bet against one another and not the house.

Gambling wheel

The rust gambling wheel is a common game in which players select specific colors and a wheel and depend on the wheel odds to determine whether they win or lose. All the color codes have specific numbers that determine what a player gets when the wheel stops at the designated color. Fans of rust gambling are fond of this game because its outcome is purely a game of chance. A player can win a relatively higher amount of money if they are lucky while playing the wheel rather than coinflip.


Rust roulette is similar to conventional roulette. Players predict where the ball will stop as the table is spun. One can use multiple combinations to increase their chances of winning and reduce those of losing. However, it all boils down to chance. All credible rust gambling sites that offer roulette and other games use the provably fair feature to ensure that no one can influence the outcomes of these games.


Some rust gambling websites give their clients a live casino feature. The live casino enables gamblers to engage with a live dealer even while using their devices to place bets. The live dealer controls all the activities that take place in the live casino. Thus, gamblers have a chance to experience the feeling of being in a real casino when they use the live feature. Moreover, live casinos contain all the games that you would expect to find on any other section of an online gambling website.

Bandit camp

Bandit camp is a slightly different game from many other common ones on Rust gambling websites. The ultimate goal of playing this game is to access specific sections in a mystical place. Thus, the game calls for a relatively high level of strategic thinking, unlike many others about which outcomes are results of chance. One only has to deposit the rust skins in the casino to start playing this game of Bandit camp.

Skin upgrade

Skin Upgrade is another exciting game that one can play on Rust gambling websites. Here is how the game works: one decides to upgrade their skins by indicating the desired value. The person then waits for feedback from other players on the site. If the feedback is positive, the upgrade is completed immediately. If the feedback is negative, the owner of the skins ends up with lower-value items than the original ones.

Rust gambling strategy

Here are a few tips to consider to maximize your winning chances in rust gambling. Please note that these points are useful to young players who are trying rust gambling for the first time and even those who are quite experienced in this type of gambling.

  • Choose the best site

Take your time and read through the comments of users before you settle on a site to use for rust gambling. Avoid websites with questionable integrity because such sites hardly deliver what they promise.

  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Do not hesitate to claim a bonus from the site if you are eligible. You can use such bonuses to grow the bankroll and give yourself additional opportunities to win this game.

  • Manage your risk appetite

Ensure you do not deplete the bankroll by placing a few huge bets instead of going for smaller ones for a long time.

Bonus types

Rust gambling websites have many types of bonuses that they give to their customers. The bonuses differ from one another in terms of the kind of rewards included and the terms and conditions that the clients must meet to qualify.

Free coins

This is perhaps one of the most popular forms of bonus among the fans of rust gambling. The companies that run rust gambling websites regularly give players free coins. The free coins may be available when a player signs up for an account. On other occasions, the sites give players free coins after they move to a higher level.

Promo codes

Promo codes are special passwords that these firms use to help their clients access certain benefits or bonuses. The promo codes are usually published by third-party sites. Users of such sites can then take the promo codes and reproduce them when opening an account on the specific rust gambling site. The users will then easily claim the bonus after producing the promo code. Third-party sites usually get a small payment under the referral system if one opens an account using the promo code.

Free cases

Free cases in rust gambling are small containers that contain skins and other items. Rust gambling sites may decide to gift their customers with free cases as a form of incentive to the clients to continue placing bets. The clients may use the items inside the free cases or simply exchange them on the platforms.


Rust gambling is an amazing game that you can play and win if you understand how to do it. The basic approach should be to minimize the risks of losing and maximize the chances of winning in the long term. Thus, it is important to get the perfect website, monitor your risk appetite, and protect the bankroll while wagering. One also stands a better chance of winning if they use bonuses and promotions that rust gambling sites give away.


What is rust gambling?

Rust gambling is a type of betting in which gamblers use rust skins as the currency for wagering. Rust skins are decorative items that players of rust use on their weapons. These skins nowadays have value and can be used on certain online casinos.

Is rust gambling safe?

Rust gambling is a safe type of online gambling. However, this does not mean that all websites which offer the services are genuine. You must work with a site which is credible and does not have a history of conning its clients, for your safety.

Where do I get rust skins?

You can get rust skins for adding to the rust gambling account from Steam. Alternatively, players obtain rust skins from the special websites that sell them. Regardless of the method one selects, the process of obtaining and uploading rust skins is straightforward.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
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