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bspin.io is one of the most established online gambling sites. It has differentiated itself as a proprietary online bitcoin casino. But is bspin legit? Is the website worth your time and effort? Read this bspin review to get accurate answers to these and other questions.

  • It has a well-developed sportsbook with hundreds of different types of games.
  • The depositing process is swift and flawless
  • It is easy to create a new account
  • There is a demo mode for all the games on the platform to help players test them.
  • The platform offers very competitive wagering requirements for all the bonuses.
  • The site supports Bitcoin only for all transactions: no fiat currency nor other cryptocurrencies.
  • The withdrawal process takes a long time because of the internal checks
  • The site currently exists in only one language: English

What is bspin?

Bspin is an established online crypto gaming site. Established in 2018, the site allows players to set up accounts and put wagers using crypto. Its mode of operation is similar to that used by csgo gambling sites. You can either try your luck in the live online casino or the various games on the site. Players can either use no deposit bonuses or their actual deposits to place bets.

One interesting feature of Bspin is its emergence as a proprietary online Bitcoin gambling site. As a result, the platform has a very simplified signup process. First, you can create an account using your Google account details. This process takes just a few minutes before you get redirected to the platform’s home page. Alternatively, new players can create accounts using their email addresses and other personal details. Once more, this process takes at most a few minutes. Here is what a brand-new account on Bspin Casino looks like.

bspin.io overview

Bspin casino is registered and licensed in Costa Rica. Legitimate online gaming platforms usually do not have a problem displaying this information on their sites. However, sites that are not legit are usually cagey about where they are registered and licensed to operate.

Bonuses & Promo Codes

Online gaming sites normally offer a broad range of bonuses and promos. Here are details of some of the bonuses and promo codes that bspin. If you have a Bspin referral code, you can easily access the bonus like how the Roobet promo code and others work.

  • Welcome bonus. Bspin Casino does not offer its new clients a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus targets new clients. Online gaming platforms use it to attract new players and convince them to create accounts.
  • 1st deposit bonus. The gaming platform gives a generous 100% bonus on your first deposit. However, it applies a cap of 100mBTC to this offer. Furthermore, the site applies a wagering requirement of x35 to this bonus. So, you must fulfill all the requirements to enjoy the 100% 1st deposit bonus.
  • 1st reload bonus. If you reload your account on bspin, you will be eligible for a 50% bonus. The bonus is capped at 50mBTC. Also, the platform imposes a wagering requirement of x35 on this first reload bonus.
  • 2nd reload bonus. Bspin Casino offers an amazing second reload bonus. The second reload bonus is 75%, more than the 1st reload bonus of 50%. You need to deposit a minimum of 2mBTC to qualify for this bonus. Also, the second deposit bonus is limited to 50mBTC.

Games & Software

Bitcoin gaming websites, just like rust gambling sites, can be judged based on the software and games. The higher the number of games in the sportsbook of a platform, the better the site is. Also, superior sites invest in high-quality software. The software meets the security and functionality needs of the users.

Bspin Casino has a broad range of games from different service providers. Getting games from different vendors helps the site meet the tastes and preferences of its clients. You will find it easy to play hundreds of games on the platform. For every game, you can try a demo and learn the ropes. Alternatively, one can get additional instructions about how to play the game.

Bspin has three classes of games: table games, slot games, and live games. There are more than 200 slot games on the platform. Choosing the right slot game may be difficult if you are not certain about what you are looking for. Slot machines are plentiful, so punters are likely to find a large number of games that meet their specific needs and desires.

You will find more than 35 table games on the platform. Baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are all popular options. If you’re looking for excitement, though, you’ll want to try a live casino. These offer live betting which adds an extra level of excitement and meaning to your gaming experience. It is always a good place for new players who have used a bspin coupon for a bonus to start from.

Deposit Methods

Depositing money to your bspin casino account is a quick and straightforward process. This is because the platform allows Bitcoin as the only currency for depositing funds to one’s account. Thus, you cannot use alternative methods of depositing funds such as PayPal, credit cards, and direct bank transfers. Although some sites offer these alternative methods for users’ convenience, it is easy for one to bear with bspin because of its unique selling proposition. The platform accepts BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, and Tether.

It would help if you kept in mind a few things before depositing money to your bspin casino account.

  1. The minimum amount that you can deposit to your account is 0.001mBTC
  2. You can scan a QR code to speed up the depositing process. This method works if you use a phone to deposit funds to your account. Otherwise, one has to copy the bitcoin address and paste it into your wallet.
  3. The deposit method is swift. The platform acknowledges receiving our deposit the moment they get confirmations.
  4. There is no maximum limit to the amount you can deposit into your account. This is a great advantage for punters who want to deposit large amounts of BTC to their accounts.

Payment and Withdrawals

Bspin Casino has a complex payment and withdrawal method. You may expect to experience a swift and even instant withdrawal process in an online casino. However, this is not the case for many platforms, including bspin.io. Here are some conditions for withdrawing money from your bspin casino account. Remember, you can transact on this platform using Bitcoin only. Some people may find this a little limiting. But if you are comfortable using Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency while transacting on the site, you are good to go.

  • When you place a withdrawal request, you have to wait for at least two days. This is because the platform carries out an internal review for every withdrawal request. The purpose of conducting the review is to ensure clients meet all the conditions and requirements.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 mBTC. The good news is that there is no limit to the maximum amount that you can withdraw.
  • There are pre-set amounts for withdrawal. These amounts are indicated on the dashboard. When placing the withdrawal request, you will have to choose any pre-set amounts.
  • The deposit amount in your account must have gotten 6 or more confirmations. Additionally, if you have a bonus on your account, the offer should be fully active.

Customer Support

The best online gambling sites have various types of customer service features. The most common ones are the live chat and a section for frequently asked questions. For example, Bspin casino has a live chat feature. However, the feature is not available on a 24/7 basis. Instead, you can directly chat with a human customer care representative during the official business hours of the company. This means that one needs to try assessing the feature during the time zone that corresponds to that of the company’s home.

When you access the feature outside these hours, you will be prompted to leave a message. The good news is that the customer care team of the platform always responds to messages as soon as they are available to provide live support.

The site also has a section that contains detailed information about online Bitcoin casinos. The section serves as a good starting point for new players. The information is detailed and accurate. You can also get information about the platform’s operations in this section.

Restricted Countries

Bspin is currently not available in all countries. Several countries do not allow people within their borders to access the site. The reasons for restrictions vary but are mainly based on the policies of governments. Some governments are wary of online gambling sites. This is because many illegitimate sites work as conduits for money laundering. However, there are many other legitimate online gambling sites, like bspin. Here is a list of countries in which bspin casino is restricted:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Italy

Is bspin legit or a scam?

Bspin Casino is a legitimate online bitcoin gambling site. There are many ways of telling whether an online gaming platform is legit or a scam. One of them is to check whether their promo codes and bonuses work as promised. Bspin Casino offers a few bonuses, including first and second deposit bonuses. You can easily access these bonuses if you have a promo code. The promo codes of the site are similar to any legitimate other, like the csgoempire code. Therefore, it is easy to redeem the codes from the platform and use the bonus.

Apart from giving out genuine promo codes and bonuses, the site has a sound security system. The website is encrypted with the standard SSL certificate. Also, if you do not use your account for 12 months, you will have to contact the firm before you access it again. Such security features are important because they safeguard the interests of players. Legitimate sites usually have such and much more security features.

The deposit and withdrawal methods are straightforward and secure. You can deposit funds to your account via Bitcoin. You can also withdraw and make payments in Bitcoin. These processes are flawless because of the use of Bitcoin. The confirmations for payments come instantly. Also, the firm takes time to perform internal checks before releasing the money. These internal processes enhance the overall security and legitimacy of bspin casino.


If you are looking for a well-established online Bitcoin gaming platform, you would be better of trying bspin casino. This platform has differentiated itself as a truly Bitcoin gambling site. You will enjoy the anonymity of gambling using crypto. Besides, creating an account on the site is a breeze. There are hundreds of table games and slot games. If you are not interested in any of them, you can try your luck at the live casino. The site also offers generous bonuses for the first and second deposits. The overall security of the site is excellent. The deposit and withdrawal methods are relatively fast and completely secure. Lastly, the overall software functions perfectly on all devices. One will enjoy the overall layout of the site and its excellent customer support features.


Does bspin casino have an affiliate program?

Yes, bspin casino has an affiliate program. Under this program, you can win commissions if new clients sign up on the platform using your link or code. The site will then give you a small commission for this.

How regularly does the site pay commissions for the affiliate program?

Bspin casino pays out commissions to affiliates once per month. The company sends the payments during the first week of every month. If you are an affiliate and have gained commissions, you can withdraw a minimum of 50mBTC.

Can I lose my bspin account?

Yes, you can lose your bspin account. This can happen if you contravene the terms and conditions of the company. Also, if your account remains dormant for at least 12 months, you may lose it.

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