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Read our review of Hellcase to find out more about this CSGO case opening and betting site. Topics discussed include using a Hellcase promo code to get bonuses, features and games available on the site, deposit and withdrawal transactions among other things.

What Is Hellcase?

Hellcase is primarily a CSGO case opening site but also offers skin trading as well as a few games. CSGO cases can be purchased on the site for a variety of prices ranging from a few cents to several hundred dollars. There are two games on the site, Upgrade and Case Battle, which revolve around gambling for skins. Another feature offered on the site is Contracts which is trading several lower valued skins for one of higher value. Unlike some sites that accept skins such as Unikrn, Lootbet and Arcanebet, Hellcase isn’t involved in any esports betting.

How Does Hellcase Work

Getting started on Hellcase is fairly simple. Users can sign in using their Steam account. They can then deposit funds to their account using a variety of methods including Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and G2A. Deposits can also be made using gift cards such as the Hellcase Wallet Card from G2A. Entering the Hellcase wallet code on the site will activate the card and deposit the funds to the players account. Once funds have been deposited you can open cases on the site. Just select the case you want and click on it. If you have sufficient funds in your account the case will be open and the skins will be added to your inventory.

CSGO Hell Case Games

There are two games available on the Hellcase site both which involve gambling for skin:

  • Upgrade: In Upgrade players select a skin from their inventory that they would like to upgrade to a better skin. They then select a skin from Hellcase that they want to win. The odds of winning are calculated based on the ratio between the value of the players skin and the value of the skin they are trying to win. This will vary from 1% to 74%. With a successful upgrade the player wins the skin. If the upgrade is unsuccessful they lose their skin.
  • Case Battle: Case Battle is a game that involves from 2-4 players. The players will open the same cases and the one with the highest total value receives all of the skins. Players can create their own battles and set the cases they want to add or they can join an existing battle that another player has created.

How to Withdraw Skins from Hellcase

The process to withdraw skins from Hellcase is an easy one. Go to your profile and click the send button on the item you would like to withdraw. Click the “Get” button when the trade offer is ready. This redirects you to the trade on Steam.

How to Get Money on Hellcase

There are a number of different ways to get money on Hellcase. You can sell skins that you have won or from cases you have opened on the site. There are a number of bonuses and promotions where you can earn money or even a Hellcase free case. You have several options when it comes time to withdraw money from your account:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a well known cryptocurrency. The minimum amount you can withdraw using Bitcoin is $25. There is a 15% fee when using this method
  • Ethereum: Another popular cryptocurrency. The minimum amount you can withdraw using Ethereum is $2. There is a 5% transaction fee.
  • Waxpeer: Waxpeer is a P2P marketplace for skins. You can minimum withdrawal is $2 with a 2% fee.
  • Tradit: A skin trading bot site. Minimum withdrawals of $2 and a %2 transaction fee.
  • Lootbear: Another skin trading site. The minimum withdrawal is $2 with a 2% transaction fee

On Hellcase you can only withdraw balance you have received from selling skins or from upgrade.

Hellcase How to Use Promo Code

To draw new users to the site Hellcase provides a welcome bonus to first time visitors who register the site. In order to qualify for the bonus you will have to provide a Hellcase referral code. After new users have signed in they should enter their promo codes for Hellcase into the promo code section. Their account will then be credited with $0.05 which can be used right away on the site. This is similar to the way CSGOEmpire codes work.

Is Hellcase Legit or Scam

Some online betting sites that accept skins are licensed as you can see by reading a Thunderpick review. This is because they also accept real money bets and a license is required. CSGO skin sites that focus on skin betting and case opening aren’t regulated which has attracted some scam sites. However this is not the case with Hellcase. They have been around for well over 3 years whereas most scam sites measure their existence in weeks or months. Another factor in their favour, and it’s a big one, is the number of users to be found on the site. There are literally millions of users of the website and at any time they will have hundreds or even thousands of users who are currently on Hellcase. They have responsive customer support and the ability to withdraw skins to Steam is also in their favour. Hellcase is a safe and legitimate site.

Hellcase Pros and Cons

Hellcase has a lot going for it. Some of the positives we like about the site are:

  • Huge selection of skins to select from
  • Trade up contracts where you can trade lower value skins for better ones
  • Bonuses including a welcome bonus and daily bonuses
  • Multiple languages including English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and more

A few of the things we didn’t like so much on the site were:

  • No 24/7 live chat support. Hellcase uses a ticket support system.
  • Limited number of games


We came away from this Hellcase review feeling pretty good about them. They have a well designed site and they do what they do very well. Their focus is on case opening and there are plenty to choose from on the site. The trade contracts are a nice feature and the Upgrade game is a great way to have fun and do something with your lower value skins. For those into opening CSGO cases and skin gambling for skins, Hellcase is one of the best CSGO betting sites for you.


What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from Hellcase?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2 with the exception of Bitcoin which has a $25 minimum withdraw limit.

Are there limits to how much I can withdraw from my Hellcase account?

Yes. The maximum amount you can withdraw in one day is $500. Limits are update daily at 1AM.

Why are some cases on Hellcase listed as “Temporarily Unavailable”?

This happens when a case doesn’t have all the items listed in it. Cases are made unavailable until the missing item can be added to ensure randomness.

What are Skin Shards?

Every time you open a case on Hellcase you have the chance of getting a Skin Shard bonus drop. If you collect 4 shards of the same skin you can combine them to receive that skin.

How much does a Premium subscription cost at Hellcase?

A Hellcase Premium subscription is $5 a month.

4.8 rating

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