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Gather useful information about CSGO upgrade sites by reading our article on this popular type of betting website. Topics covered include how skin upgrade work, getting free coins from upgrade sites, how to place an upgrade bet and choosing a good site.

What are CSGO Upgrade sites?

CSGO skins are cosmetic upgrades to weapons in CSGO that have no effect on game play. What they do have is value. Skins can be worth anywhere from a few cents up to thousands of dollars depending on how rare and in demand they are. CSGO skins can be upgraded to a higher level through an official Trade Up Contract. However to upgrade you need 10 skins of the same level to upgrade to one skin the next level up. It will require a lot of time and skins if you want to acquire a skin several levels above you. You can also buy higher level skins outright on some sites but this can run into a substantial amount of money. Players can also purchase a CSGO prime status upgrade which means they may get better drops but the odds are still against getting the skin they want.

CSGO skin upgrade websites allow players to wager a skin for one of a much higher level and potentially win a skin worth substantially more than the one they are risking. This is ideal for players with a lot of lower value skins in their inventories.

How Do CSGO Upgrade Sites Work

The way a typical skin upgrade CSGO site works is pretty simple. The player chooses a skin from their own inventory that they want to wager. They can then browse the upgrade sites inventory and chose the skin they want to win. The odds of winning are calculated based on the value of the players skin and the skin they are playing for. The site will run the calculations and the player will either win an upgraded skin or lose the skin that they used to place the wager.

How to Place a Bet on Upgrade Sites?

To place a bet on an upgrade website start by selecting a site and register to it. There are plenty of sites out there to choose from. You will need to deposit to the site once you have registered. At most sites you can use your Steam account although there are other options available. The actual betting process may vary slightly from site to site but will be similar:

  • Select the skin from your inventory that you want to upgrade. At some sites you can also use money rather than a skin or a combination of both;
  • Pick the skin from the sites inventory that you want to win. Some sites with have “multiplier buttons” of some type that you can adjust to affect the odds to a certain extent;
  • Click “Upgrade” to play.

Either the player wins the skin they chose or loses the skin that they risked.

Upgrade Sites with Free Coins

Sites are always trying to attract new players as well as keep users coming back. A common method to attract new players is by offering free coins as a welcome bonus when they register to a site. Players will enter an upgrade CSGO affiliate code once they have registered and receive free coins that they can use on the site. There are often other ways to get free coins at upgrade sites. You can often pick up bonuses for attaching the sites name to your Steam user name. Some sites will offer bonuses for following them on social media or have promotions from time to time.

Choosing a CSGO Upgrade Site

Players looking for a CSGO upgrade site have a wide variety of options to choose from and it can be confusing when deciding which you should pick. Start by looking for sites with a good reputation. The top CSGO betting sites offering upgrades will likely have been around awhile. They will also have plenty of users. Another thing to consider is their inventory. A good site should have an extensive selection of skins you can choose from. Take a look at other games and services offered on the site. It is also important to examine the terms and conditions the site has as well as methods of payment for conducting transactions.

Not all of the best CSGO skins betting sites offer upgrades. Take a look at some CSGOEmpire reviews to learn about an excellent CSGO skin betting site that doesn’t offer skin upgrades but is still quite popular.

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