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Have a look through our article about CSGO coinflip gambling websites and pick up some useful information on how to select a site. We include information about how coinflip games work, payment methods used on sites, bonuses available and tips on winning coinflip games.

What Are CSGO Coinflip Sites?

CSGO coin flip websites are skin betting sites that offer a coin flip game that players can wager on. In most cases these are 1v1 coin flip CSGO games where players bet against each other rather than against the gambling site. The site will take a commission from every round that typically is around 5 percent. Coin flip games are essentially a 50-50 bet and one of the few games with even odds. There are plenty of cheap coin flip CSGO betting sites where the cost to place a wager is small and you may only have to risk a few cents to play. Not every site that accepts skins offers Coinflip. LootBet is an example of a site that does accept skin deposits but doesn’t offer Coinflip

Depositing and Withdrawing from Coinflip Sites (bitcoin, skins)

Methods of deposit and withdrawal will likely vary somewhat from site to site. Most sites where players can CSGO coinflip gamble will accept deposits in the form of different types of skins. These may be CSGO skins, Dota2 skins or VGO skins, again depending on the site. Some sites will also accept deposits made using Bitcoin or G2A Pay. When it comes time to withdraw your winnings the majority of sites allow withdrawals in the form of skins. There are some that will allow you to withdraw using Bitcoin if that was the same method used to make a deposit.

How CSGO Coinflip Works

Coinflip is a very easy game to play. To start players will need to register and log in to a coinflip website and deposit funds/skins. At many sites you will need to be logged into your Steam account in order to deposit skins. Depending on the site you will either be betting skins or coins that were received in exchange for your deposit.

  • Skin bets: When betting skins it isn’t always possible for the two players to bet using skins with exactly the same value. Sites that allow skins to be used when placing wagers will generally allow a skin to be used if it is within 10% of the value of another skin. The percentage difference is then calculated into a player’s chance of winning. For example if Player A wagers a skin worth 100 and Player B bets a skin worth 110, player B will have a slightly higher chance of winning as his skin is worth more.
  • Coin bets: Many coinflip sites only allow wagers to be made using coins. Players exchange their skins/BTC/money for coins that are then used to bet on the game. This ensures that the amount wagered by both players is always even.

Players can either initiate a coinflip game or join a game that another player has initiated. The majority of CSGO coinflip games use a coin with CT (Counter-Terrorist) on one side and T (Terrorist) on the other although other variations exist such as using different colours. A CSGO coinflip script simulates the toss and determines whether the coin comes up CT or T. The player that bet on the side that comes up wins. The best CSGO gambling websites will have provably fair games where players can verify a game’s outcome should they so desire.

CSGO Coinflip Promo Codes & Bonus Codes

In order to attract new players many coinflip websites offer bonuses and promotions to get people to try their site. A new user of a site will be able to enter a CSGO coin flip code once they have registered to a site to claim a bonus, usually in the form of free coins. These coins can then be used to bet on Coinflip game or other games the site may offer. As an example you can use a CSGOEmpire referral code once you have registered to their site and use the free coin bonus to bet on Coinflip or Roulette.

How to Win In Coinflip CSGO

The odds of winning a Coinflip game are probably better than on any other type of casino game as they are essentially 50 -50. There is no skill involved or method that you can use to change that. The odds are going to be exactly the same on every toss. However you can do a few things that will improve the chances of you coming out ahead.

Make use of bonuses and promotions: A good number of sites offer daily bonuses and different promotions where you can pick up free coins and/or skins. Be aware of the various promotion and bonus offers out there.

Manage your bankroll: This is common sense stuff that applies to any form of gambling. Make a budget and stick to it. Stop when you have reached your budget limit to keep from losing more than you can afford to.

Play at Skin Gambling Websites for Low Betting: Coinflip and other games are meant to be fun and entertaining. Set a single bet limit so you can stretch out your fun for awhile. Coinflip bets can range from pennies to hundreds of dollars.

Choosing a Casino for Coin Flip Gambling

There are plenty of coinflip sites out there so how do you know which one to choose. To start with pick a site with a good reputation. Check how long they have been around and take a look at some reviews of the site. You should also see what kind of bonuses and promotions a site offers. A welcome bonus can be used to get a feel for the site and see how you like it plus you can’t really use when playing with free coins.

Also be aware of what methods of payment are available. Finally choose a site that offers provably fair games to ensure fairness when you play.

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