CSGOPolygon Review with Bonus Code

CSGOPolygon Review with Bonus Code

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Read through our CSGOPolygon review to learn more about this legit online CSGO betting site and see what they have to offer. We discuss the games available to wager on, offer tips on how to win and cover how to redeem a CSGOPolygon bonus code at their website among other things.

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How Does CSGOPolygon Work

CSGOPolygon is a CSGO gambling site that offers several different games to wager on as well as CSGO match betting. Unlike Hellcase and other CSGO upgrade sites, case opening and Upgrade aren’t available. The way CSGO Polygon works is that players deposit to their account. Deposits are converted to credits which can then be used to wager on the site. These credits have no real life value but can be exchanged for CSGO skins at the CSGOPolygon shop. This is somewhat similar to a system used on another site that you can learn about by reading our Unikrn review. Players can withdraw skins easily which is not the case on all CSGO skin betting sites. A Lootbet review shows a site where you can deposit but not withdraw skins.

CSGOPolygon Games

There are several games to wager on at CSGOPolygon com. These include:

  • Roulette: A variation of the traditional Roulette game. There is a wheel with 15 slots numbered 0-15. Slots 1-7 are red and slots 8-14 are black. Winning bets on red or black pay 2 to 1. The 0 slot is coloured green and a winning bet pays 14 to 1.
  • Dice: The way this game works is you first place a bet. You will then set a range of numbers between 0-100. The range can be customized to be anything you want as long as it falls within the parameters. Odds are calculated based on the range you set. A number is randomly generated and if it falls within your selected range you win and are paid off at your stake times the calculated odds.
  • Crash: In Crash the player places a bet. A multiplier that starts at 1 represented by a line will start to increase. At some point the multiplier will drop to zero. The objective for players is to cash out at the highest multiplier possible but if they wait too long it will crash and they lose their bet.

CSGO match betting is also an option at CSGOPolygon. Match betting at CSGOPolygon is crowd based with users essentially betting against each other with the site taking a commission from the total amount bet. Odds are determined by the total amount bet on each team and the final odds aren’t set until the match begins. This is different from a site such as Betway esports where you are betting against the site and you know the exact odds when you place your wager.

How to Send Coins on CSGOPolygon

There is a feature at CS GO Polygon that you don’t find on many other sites. This is the ability to transfer coins/credits to another player. You can do this in the CSGOPolygon chat. Use the chat command “/send [id] [amount]. For example to send 200 coins to ID 50505 type “/send 50505 200”. As an alternative right click on the person’s avatar in chat and select “Send Coins”

CSGO Polygon – How to Win Every Time

Unfortunately there is no way for you to win at CSGOPolygon every time you play. There may be some that claim to have a system but whether you are playing on CSGO betting sites for real money or for skins you can’t win all the time. That isn’t to say there is nothing you can do to improve your chances.

Play the games with the best odds: It can be tempting to go for big wins but generally the better the payoff then the harder it is to win. For example in the Dice game if you set the range at 99-100 the payoff is 99 to 1 but the odds of winning are 1%. At a range of 50-100 the payoff is just under 2 to 1 but the odds of a win are 50%.

Use bonuses: Most sites offer bonuses to players. Make use of these bonuses when you are playing

CSGOPolygon Promo Codes (code “CSGOBETTINGS”)

CSGOPolygon offers a welcome bonus to new players on their site. After registering they can claim their bonus by entering the proper code. Player can also get CSGOPolygon codes by following CSGOPolygon on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. To enter codes and get bonuses just click on the Redeem Code button at the top of the page and enter the code in the appropriate field. These are similar to CSGOEmpire codes and used in much the same manner.

Is CSGOPolygon Legit or Scam?

CSGOPolygon has been around for almost 4 years and has an excellent reputation. They have an active social media presence and responsive customer support. Transactions are generally completed quickly and with no difficulty. In addition they have a provably fair system in place for verifying all their games. CSGOPolygon is a legitimate site where it is safe to play.


How much are CSGOPolygon credits worth?

CSGOPolygon credits are only useable on the site. Every 1000 credits will enable you to buy around $1 worth of items.

Why are my inventory’s items not showing up for deposit?

Make sure that your Steam Inventory is set to “Public”. CSGOPolygon loads items from cache by default and this may occasionally become out of date. To load directly from Steam and update the cache, click the “Force Reload” button.

What happens if I decline a trade offer at CSGOPolygon?

If you decline a trade offer or the offer expires you will be refunded the full amount after confirmation by the CSGOPolygon system.

Are there commissions on CSGOPolygon games?

Roulette, Crash and Dice have no fees. There is a 2% commission on match betting.

How are the prices of skins determined at CSGOPolygon?

Prices are based on publicly available data from SteamAnalyst.

Get 500 free coins ($0.50)
with code "CSGOBETTINGS"
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