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Read our article about CSGO Poker sites and find out more about how to get involved in this popular online betting trend. Some of the topics covered include how to get started playing CSGO poker and how to use promo codes to claim a bonus among other things.

What is CSGO Poker?

Poker is a popular card gambling game that has many different variations and rules. Some of the best known poker games are Stud Poker which has both a 5 card version and a 7 card version, Draw Poker and of course Texas Hold’em which is probably the best known and most popular poker game in the world. These are just a few of the different poker variations that exist. CSGO Poker games are basically the same as traditional poker games with the exception that players can wagers skins as opposed to, or in addition to real money. Depending on the site players may be able to bet actual skins, or in some cases skins will be deposited and then converted to coins/chips which can then be used to wager with. Due to the popularity of poker many CSGO skin gambling sites have added it to their list of games.

How to Play CSGO Poker

The actual rules of a poker game will depend on which variation is being played. Texas Hold’em for example is quite different from Draw poker. However the steps to getting started playing CSGO poker are basically the same:

  • Select a site: This may be the most important step. Choose a reputable site that has been around for awhile. It is also preferable if the site has multiple options for deposit and withdrawals. Nice bonus offers are a plus as well.
  • Register to the site: In order to play poker, players will have to be registered to a site. This is a fairly simple process and will only take a few minutes.
  • Deposit funds: Using Steam Poker CSGO skin bettors can usually deposit to their account. Your Steam inventory will have to be set to “Public” and it will be necessary to provide your Steam Trade URL. Many sites also accept real money and cryptocurrency deposits.
  • Methods will vary from site to site.
  • Select the game: Choose the CSGO poker game and play some cards.

Most CSGO gambling sites that offer poker will have other games that you can wager on as well and the process to get started will be basically the same.

CSGO Skin Poker Promo Codes

A common method used by CSGO poker sites to bring in new customers is to provide bonuses to first time users. To claim free coins CSGO poker players will typically use a promo code. First a new player to the site will complete the registration process. Once registration is completed the user will then enter the promo code in the appropriate field. A bonus will then be deposited to the users account. Now the player can use the bonus to play and bet on poker. Bonuses aren’t just limited to new users. Most sites also have a variety of different bonus/promo offers that repeat players can take advantage of. Bonuses and the terms and conditions that apply to them will vary from site to site so check around and see what’s being offered.


There are plenty of different CSGO betting sites online and it can be difficult choosing which one is best for you. A good place to start would be CSGOEmpire. They are a well known CSGO betting site that has been around for a number of years and they have a good reputation with those who enjoy skin gambling. They offer CSGO Roulette and Coinflip games to bet on and users can also wager on CSGO matches. CSGOEmpire has a number of different bonus offers for new players as well as for those who use the site regularly. Read our CSGOEmpire review to learn more about this CSGO skin betting site.

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