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Read our review of the SWAP.gg skin trading site and find out their relationship to H1Z1swap and other important information. Among the topics covered is whether or not SWAP.gg is a legit CSGO trading site, the various features they offer users and the pros and cons of the site.

SWAPP.gg Overview

SWAP.gg was founded in 2017 and is a site for trading CSGO skins as well as virtual items for Z1 Battle Royal, Rust, DOTA2 and Team Fortress 2. Virtual items can also be traded between games at SWAP.gg. They are not to be confused with skin gambling sites as they are purely for buying, selling and trading skins. Skin trading sites CSGOswap and H1Z1swap also redirect to the SWAP.gg site. The commissions for CSGO transactions on the site are 8% but this can be reduced to 5% simply by adding ‘swap.gg’ to your Steam Profile user name. An additional charge may be added if you reserve a locked CSGO skin. The actual trading process at SWAP.gg is quite simple and consists of five simple steps:

  • Sign into SWAP.gg through your Steam account. To conduct any trades your inventory should be set to “Public”.
  • Enter your trade offer URL. To do this open settings and click on “Trade URL” to find your Steam trade URL. Copy and paste your trade URL into the “Trade URL” field and click save.
  • Select the items from your inventory that you would like to trade.
  • Select the items from the site that you would like to trade for. There is a filter that you can use to view items by value. Click “Trade” once you have selected the item you want and the trade bot will prepare a trade offer.
  • Accept and confirm the trade.

SWAP.gg Code

SWAP.gg often has promotions where users can win giveaways. Entries to promotional contests can be earned by such things as following the site on Twitter and logging into SWAP.gg. There will be a drawing and winners will be given a promo code that can be used to claim their prize. The winner can click on “Redeem voucher” and enter the promo code they were given to claim the prize they have won.

SWAP.gg How to Use Balance

There are times when you make a trade at SWAP.gg where the value of the skins you are trading may be worth more than the item you are trading for. When this happens, the CSGO trade bot will take the difference and add it to your account balance. You can use your balance to purchase other skins outright. It can also be used by adding it to the value of skins you are trading for in the future if your skin value total is less than the amount of the item you are trading for. Users can top up their balance with G2APay.

How to Reserve Items on SWAP.gg CSGO

Sometimes a CSGO skin you would like to obtain may be trade locked and isn’t currently available. When this happens you can reserve the locked skin until it is available for trade. To reserve a trade locked item you will take the following steps:

  • You can use either the skins in your inventory or your wallet balance to reserve the trade locked CSGO skin. Select the skins from your inventory just as you would for a regular trade or use your wallet balance the same as you would when purchasing a skin outright.
  • Select the trade locked item you want to reserve and click “Trade”. You won’t receive a trade offer as the item is currently locked and isn’t tradable.
  • Click on “Reserved items” in your inventory.
  • Click “OK” which will take you to a page which shows the item/items that you have reserved. The “Status” portion of the page will show you how long it will be until the item becomes available. There is also a “Withdraw” button that will become active once the skin is tradable. Clicking the active “Withdraw” button will transfer the item to your inventory.
  • Once the skin becomes tradable you have a 5 day period during which it can be withdrawn. If you fail to withdraw the CSGO skin after 5 days the reservation is cancelled. Your account will be credited the purchase amount minus a fee.

Is CSGOSWAP Legit Or Scam?

Due to some of the scam skin trading sites that have popped up in the past and continue to do so, it is fair to ask if SWAP.gg and its associated sites are legit or not. CSGOswap and H1Z1swap are both H1Z1swap sites that redirect to SWAP.gg and both have Steam groups and Twitter accounts. SWAP.gg has a Steam group as well as active accounts on Twitter, Discord and YouTube. Users can buy, sell and trade skins at SWAP.gg easily and safely. Since 2017 SWAP.gg has garnered 660,000 plus users and completed over 3.1 million successful trades. As you can see by the length of time they have been conducting business, their social media activity, the number of users they have and the successful trades they have completed they are a completely legitimate CSGO skin trading site.

Pros and Cons

SWAP.gg has quite a few things that we like about it. Some of the positive aspects of the site include:

  • The ability to trade virtual items between games
  • Users can reserve trade locked items
  • Fee reduction for adding site name to your Steam user name

There really isn’t too much to say negative about SWAP.gg. A few cons of the site include:

  • Can’t withdraw cash balance for trades although you can from market balance. Trade balance and market balance are separate. They are working on combining the two.
  • Doesn’t have the language options you see on some sites.


SWAP.gg is an excellent site to quickly buy, sell and trade CSGO skins as well as virtual items from other games. They offer the option to reserve currently trade locked skins as well as trade items between games. Their commission is reasonable and competitive. We can definitely recommend SWAP.gg for those wanting to trade CSGO skins and items from other games as well as for the buying and selling of skins.


Can I buy and sell skins and other items or is SWAPP.gg only for trading?

The site provides you with a full range of options for swapping, as well as selling and buying all of your various virtual items.

Is this site only for CSGO skins?

No; the site allows you to trade and sell a wide range of virtual items form games such as DOTA2, Team Fortress, Rust, CSGO, and Z1 Battle Royal.

What is the commission rate charged through the site?

The standard commission on the site is 8% of the value of your transaction.

How can I reduce the commission that I have to pay?

If you wish to reduce the commission by 3% you only need to add “Swap.gg” to the profile name that you have within Steam. You will then pay only 5% commission on your transactions within the site.

5.0 rating

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