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Owing to the rise in popularity over the years, online gaming has grown to become one of the biggest sectors in the entertainment industry. While at it, the industry has seen an emergence of thriving offshoot sub-sectors looking to support the ever-growing gaming community. At the helm of this surge is the skin’s economy. 

Basically, skins are virtual in-game items that provide cosmetic alteration to your weapons, equipment, or avatar without giving a gameplay advantage. The online gaming skin economy is insane, with some skins going for ridiculous amounts of money. In 2018, for example, a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore that was signed by Skadoodle, who is one of the best AWPers to ever grace the CS: GO game was sold for a jaw-dropping $61,000.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of sites out there that simply exist to scam the online gaming community. However, there are genuine and credible sites out there, whose sole aim is to support your passion for gaming by allowing you to genuinely buy, sell, or trade your skins.

At CSGOBettings, our primary goal is to review multiple sites and platforms within the online gaming and online gambling realm and give you an unbiased opinion of what you should expect. 

In this review, we will provide a comprehensive review of the iTrade.gg rust trading site. Looking for the best CS: GO gambling site instead? Visit our review section and compare the ones we have listed. You may also be lucky to find CS:GO empire referral codes or Roobet promo codes to kickstart your online gambling adventure.

Brief iTrade.gg Background

iTrade.gg is one of the most popular Rust, Tf2, and steam items trading sites. Launched in 2020, the site has managed to slowly but surely make in-roads in the hard-to-navigate online gaming terrain. At the time of this writing this review, iTrade.gg has completed over 500 trades, which is pretty impressive considering it is less than a year old.

In terms of commission on the skin’s trades, iTrade.gg takes an 8% standard commission, although the amount can be reduced to 3% if you are a registered member and you choose to add “iTrade.gg” to your steam player nickname. 

As indicated on the website, the referral program is rolling out by mid-January 2020, which is a great way for players to potentially earn new skins by referring their mates to the site.

iTrade.gg Rewards and Giveaways

iTrade.gg offers generous daily rewards and giveaways at any given time. They include:

Daily Rewards

  • By joining and selecting iTrade.gg’s Steam Group as your primary group, you will receive a daily reward of $0.02 coin.
  • Players also get to receive a daily reward of $0.02 coin in their inventory by adding iTrade.gg to their Steam profile nickname.
  • You will also receive free coins by downloading the iTrade.gg Steam avatar and setting it as your Steam Profile avatar.

Along with the daily rewards, the site also gives out occasional giveaways on its social media platforms. Keep out on the look to avoid missing out.

How Does iTrade.gg Work?

Using iTrade.gg is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Simply use these easy-to-follow steps:

  • Visit iTrade.gg.
  • Signup on the platform using your Steam profile by clicking on the Steam icon located in the top right corner of the website. 
  • Next, you will be redirected to the login page. If you have a Stream account, log in using your details, and set your inventory to “Public”. Lastly copy and paste your Steam Trade URL on iTrade.gg. If you don’t have a Stream account, create one using the provided instructions.
  • From your inventory, pick the skins and items that you want to trade, select the ones you want to receive, and click on “Trade”.
  • After completing the above step, you will be redirected to your Steam account, after which you are required to review the items you have picked. 
  • If you are satisfied, click the “Accept button and you will receive your skins. In case there is a trade overpay, iTrade.gg will credit back the balance to your profile.

iTrade.gg Customer Support

As a player, you will find it reassuring that iTrade.gg has put in place various customer support platforms to attend to customers’ inquiries or disputes. You can reach the support team via the email info@iTrade.gg. To establish whether the email works, our team sent an email, and we are happy to report that we received a response in less than 2 hours. The support team was also professional and their responses were accurate and helpful. 

You can also contact the support team via Facebook, Twitter, Discord, or even the robust community live chat.


Security-wise iTrade.gg is protected by cutting-edge encryption technology, which helps scramble your personal information and data, making it impossible for unscrupulous online scammers to read it. 

Pros of iTrade.gg

There are multiple beneficial features that our team of reviewers found on iTrade.gg including;

  • iTrade.gg has an extensive catalog of skins to choose from, making it your go-to site for all your gaming aesthetics needs.
  • The site offers you a great selection of filters, allowing you to easily locate the skin or item you are looking for in a snap. 
  • iTrade.gg also boasts of a robust and extremely active Steam group, meaning you have a team of like-minded members to easily help you out.
  • There are multiple ongoing rewards, giveaways, and bonus codes on the site itself, as well as on social media platforms.

Cons of iTrade.gg

  • A missing “About Us” page makes it hard to probe the site’s background or the individuals behind it. 

iTrade.gg Conclusion

Two decades ago, video games were seen as a casual way to kill time and were detested by many parents and the older generations. Some even labeled video gaming phenomena as an isolated bubble with no solid grounds. Fast forward to today, video games have revolutionized entertainment and given avid players a highly lucrative and viable avenue to make money. And as the esports scene continues to gain worldwide traction, the economic model of the skin’s market will continue to thrive.

When it comes to trading, iTrade.gg boasts of an extensive catalog of skins to choose from, plus the site is regularly updated to accommodate new merchandise. Along with that, new members have a lot of goodies to enjoy in the form of daily rewards and bonus codes, plus the filtering options reduce the learning curve. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or trade skins, iTrade.gg is your go-to CS:GO trading sites. We hope that our in-depth review has opened your eyes by getting you all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

FAQ Section

What is iTrade.gg?

It is a multi-game trading platform that allows avid steam gamers and enthusiasts to buy, sell, or trade their virtual items. The site has been operating since 2020, and its primary goal is to make steam game skin trading possible and accessible for everyone.

I overpaid on a trade. What happens next?

Users who overpay on their trades are refunded the trade difference, which can then be used to trade on other items.

Is there any risk involved during trading?

All the trade offers are sent to you using bots through Steam, and you are free to accept or reject as you may deem fit. iTrade.gg doesn’t force users to trade their items.

Is it possible to trade locked items?

Yes, users can trade locked items. After buying a trade-locked item, it is reserved for you in your item inventory. Once it becomes tradable, you can withdraw it within 72 hours or it will be automatically canceled.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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