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  • It allows you to transact with various currencies
  • Most of the games are easy to play, and rounds are concluded in seconds
  • The platform is duly licensed and regulated by the Curacao gaming watchdog
  • The platform is transparent and shows all the activity
  • There are few games on the platform
  • There are few bonuses on the platform
  • The platform does not have an app

Stepx100 is an instant gaming platform that offers players a chance to use cryptocurrency in making transactions. Players enjoy various games at the casino and challenge their peers to win. It is easy to use, join, and transact, allowing players to keep partly anonymous when playing on the platform.

One unique feature of the platform is that players can create avatars instead of creating their own images. This makes them super anonymous. Stepx100 was established in 2019 and has an operating license from Curacao. It accepts players from around the globe with a few restrictions. The fact that it uses Bitcoin eliminates problems with currency conversions and specific country laws on gaming

In this article, we shall review Stepx100 bonus codes and other features of the platform that online gamers may want to try.

stepx100 overview


Players at Stepx100 choose four unique games that include Mines Jackpot, 1vs1, and Fast. In addition, several other casino and CSGO titles on the platform include Roulette, blackjack, Battle, and dice. Here is a quick look at each of the games.


Stepx100 is one of the CSGO jackpot sites. Jackpot is a game of chance where players bet on a pooled pot from their stakes. Whoever wins the game takes all the cash in the pot. Each round takes 30 seconds, and players can view the progress on the site.


Fast is a three-player game that involves spinning a wheel and matching the outcomes with other players. Players can bet with anything between 50 and 500 coins using the wallet address on the game page. Each round takes a few seconds, and the casino provides the details of the winning players under the game. It also provides the chances of winning for each bet placed on the game. 


Blackjack at Stepx100 Casino boasts a unique table layout with spaces for either three or four players at a time. However, since there are several tables, the player just creates a game in the lobby, and others join in.

Blackjack is a game of cards where each player tries to make the best hand with the cards issued while ensuring that they do not bust. A player busts when their card totals exceed 21. The casino shows the winning player, their card combinations, and the amount they won on each table. 


Mines is a treasure hunt game where players strive to pick the diamond while avoiding stepping (in this case, clicking) on areas that have explosive mines. The casino provides a grind of squares that you navigate by clicking. The more squares you safely click, the higher the win.

You can cash out after every clicking round. However, if you click a mine, all the amount you won is lost. It is an easy and fun game that is based on pure luck.


The battle is a game where terrorists and security agencies battle to control a site.  Players choose sides before betting. Once you place a bet for your preferred site, a timer that looks like a bomb starts. If the other side is able to outdo you before the time stops, they win the cash. On the other hand, if terrorists outdo the other side, the bomb explodes and hands them a win.

You can bet with anything between 10 and 100 units. You may also add your stake after each round by clicking buttons on top of the game screen.


If you are a CSGO or DOTA2 fan, as one of the leading coinflip sites, Stepx100 casino allows you to trade with skins as you play Coinflip. As the name suggests, you predict the outcome of a coin flip. It is a two-player game where you choose the head or tails. Once you win, you can check which skins fit the price and purchase them.


Dice is a game where you predict the side that the dice will settle on when thrown. At Stepx100, players pick a number and set their stake amount. They can also set how much they would add to the original stake with each round. Rounds take a few seconds, and winners are shown on the screen.

stepx100 dice


Roulette is a game where a ball rolls on a wheel, and players predict the number where it will stop. If your prediction is true, you win the bet. The casino shows how many bets are placed and the winning players. It also shows open games as the ball rolls.

Bonuses and Promotions

This CSGO casino offers various bonuses in the form of challenges.  The main promotion is called the treasure chest, where players can win various prizes, from cash to free rounds and exclusive gifts. To unlock the chest, check the daily quest you must accomplish to get enough keys to open the box.

Daily quests include depositing, playing various games, and winning various challenges. The challenges section is located just below the game you have selected. 

You may also check the site regularly to find seasonal offers on particular games. Seasonal offers include free coins and rounds for activities such as deposits, playing particular games, and being active on the site.

Security and License

As explained above, Stepx100 is licensed and regulated by the Curacao e-gaming commission. This means it is a legitimate site to join to make some cash by gaming. It has also put various measures to ensure that customers’ information and banking data are not leaked.

First, the platform has a robust login policy. It allows users to log in using their Facebook, Google, or Steam accounts for enhanced safety. This way, it taps into the security features of these sites to ensure that only genuine players join it. 

In addition, the platform offers provably fair games. These games are tested to ensure randomness and prove genuine via independent third parties. Besides, the casino uses SSL encryption to prevent tapping of the communication between the players’ devices and the casino platform.

From Stepx100 reviews online, there have not been complaints of fraud or unwarranted withholding of cash on the platform. Therefore, it is a trusted site that anyone can join and enjoy good gaming.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Before you can play your favorite BC game, you need to make a deposit. The casino also provides ways to withdraw the amounts you won on the platform. Here is a quick look at the deposits and withdrawals on the site. 

Stepx100 accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency. This enables it to work with players from all sides. If you want to transact with cryptocurrency, the site accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, USDT,  BNB, and Dogecoin. There are no maximum transaction caps for either deposits or withdrawals.

On the other hand, several methods are available if you would like to transact with fiat currency, including PayPal Mastercard, Visa, Ecopayz, Qiwi, and Alipay. Most of the methods allow you to withdraw from the platform. Again, the maximum caps for withdrawals or deposits are placed by the payment providers themselves. 

You can also trade in CSGO and DOTA2 skins on the platform. As one of the CSGO crash sites, the casino offers a wide range of skins that you win directly from your betting activities. Just make cash on the games on this platform and check what skins fit your winnings. You can then use the skins to play your favorite DOTA 2 and CSGO games on their respective sites.

Is Stepx100 Legit

Yes. Stepx100 is a legitimate casino platform where players can enjoy various games.  It is duly licensed and regulated by the Curacao e-gaming watchdog and offers Provably fair games. The site is easy to navigate and enables players to transact with various methods. Besides, if you are a CSGO and DOTA2 player, you can trade in skins or buy some cool skins for use in your video gaming. Overall, it is a good platform for e-gamers and is highly recommended. 


What are some of the games on the site?

Players can access amazing games on the Stepx100 platform, including roulette, dice, jackpot, mine, jackpot, fast, and battle. Most rounds take less than one minute, and the casino shows the win amounts.

What methods can you use to deposit on Stepx100?

You can deposit in fiat or cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency methods include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, USDT, BNB, and Dogecoin, while fiat methods include cards such as Mastercard and Visa, Qiwi, Ecopayz, and Yandex Money, among others.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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