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Although you may not get free money from mystery box sites, you may benefit from their promo code and gift card offerings. In this review, we discuss the free box and other offers available on Drakemall.

  • Special promo codes rival other common ones, including csgoempire code and hypedrop promo code.
  • A wide variety of mystery boxes to cater to the needs and tastes of different customers
  • Timely delivery of mystery boxes may take up to 10 days, depending on your location.
  • The site has different deposit methods
  • It does not have a live chat function for clients to instantly connect with the customer service team.

What is Drakemall?

Drakemall is one of the best mystery box sites currently operating. This website started back in 2017. The mode of operation of the site is simple. First, users sign up for new accounts using their Facebook or email accounts. Once new users have signed up, they have a chance to pay and get mysterious boxes or cases.

The idea of this website originated from the concept of CS:GO. Rust gambling sites allow users to purchase a case and then open it to find surprise items inside. Similarly, you can purchase either a box or a case and expect to find surprising and unique items inside. However, to do this, you need to fund your wallet. Therefore, the kind of boxes and items that you may find in your mysterious box or case depends on the money you are willing to spend.


You can register an account on Drakemall in two ways: Facebook or an email account. Signing up for a Drakemall account will be a breeze if you already have a Facebook account. First, the site will ask you to verify your identity on Facebook. It will then use your Facebook username as your identity. Thus, you will not be able to change your username on Drakemall if you use your Facebook account to sign up.

You will still have to provide your additional details even when you sign up using your Facebook account. For example, the site will prompt you to add your phone number, email address, and even date of birth. You will then have to verify your identity using the email address.

Using your email account to sign up for an account on Drakemall is equally a breeze. The process is simple, straightforward, and brief. It will take you only a few minutes to fully activate your account. You will have to confirm your email address during the registration process. This is a standard security measure that nearly all legitimate sites nowadays take. The step prevents hackers and other online crooks from using your email to register accounts on online platforms.

Drakemall mystery boxes

Mystery Boxes

Drakemall has a massive number of mystery boxes for its clients. In addition, the site constantly updates its mystery boxes to match the changing needs and expectations of its clients. If you have ever visited rival mystery box sites like MysteryOpening, you will understand the importance of having many boxes with different items.

Drakemall has organized its mystery boxes into the following categories:

  • Trending
  • Sale
  • Gaming
  • Cheap
  • Tech
  • Smartphones
  • Esports
  • Women
  • Geek
  • Clothing

You can use these categories to narrow down to the right choice. You can also use these options to ensure that you do not get a mystery box containing items you do not fancy.

There are many mystery boxes under the categories that we have listed before. Some of the most common mystery boxes that you can find on the site are budget box, PC master race box, crypto box, and PlayStation box. Other mystery boxes available on the site include women’s boxes, Nintendo boxes, watch box, and beauty boxes. The prices of these boxes range widely. You may find some boxes at low prices of $0.99 while others at $29.99.

Bonuses & Promo Codes

Drakemall runs various bonuses and promo codes for both new and established clients. Here are important details on how you can take advantage of the offers on this site and win amazing items.

Gift Card

Drakemall offers its customers a $25-worth gift card. You can purchase this gift card and add the $25 to your wallet. Alternatively, you can still use the gift card to purchase a mystery box and discover a surprise item inside. Interestingly, you can purchase this gift card and offer it to someone. However, if you decide to gift it to someone, the person must use the Drakemall referral code to activate the card.

Free Box Code

Drakemall has a promo code that works just like a Roobet promo code. A person who has the code can use it to redeem a free box. The free box code lets you get one or more free boxes or cases full of items. When you enter the code, the site will prompt you on the next steps. We have been offering a Drakemall coupon too. We have been giving free $0.55 to those who registered via our link. This promo is still running.

Games & Software

Drakemall has a very exciting game called Mystery Battle. Players compete by choosing mystery boxes. Whoever wins gets all the mystery boxes at the expense of the others. To play this game, you need first to create a battle. You can then invite up to four other players. If they accept your challenge, you can choose the mystery boxes for every round before starting the game.

The Drakemall website has been deliberately designed to evoke a feeling of excitement and expectation in the user. Because this is not a conventional online shopping website, the choice of color scheme and design is different from what one would expect. Nevertheless, it is easy to maneuver around the site. This gives you a good feeling and keeps you at ease.

Sites like Drakemall

There are many mystery boxes sites like Drakemall. However, here are a few important ones.

  1. Lootie
  2. MysteryOpening
  3. Type
  4. Hypedrop

Deposit Methods

You can top up your Drakemall account using the following three categories of methods: credit cards, gift cards or PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. Here are the finer details of how you can use any of the methods that fall within these three categories.

Drakemall deposit methods

Credit cards

Drakemall gives you various options for the amounts you can deposit to your account using a credit card. The options are as follows: $50, $100, $250, and$30. You can also key on your amount that is different from the options. You can use your Mastercard or VISA credit card to complete the transaction.

Gif cards

You can use a gift card to top up your Drakemall wallet. You need to key in your discount promo code for this to happen. You can then easily redeem the amount on the promotion and use it to top up your account.


Drakemall allows you to use the most common cryptocurrencies to top up your wallet. Here are the types of cryptocurrencies that you can use to top up your wallet: BTC, USDT, BCH, and BNBCCH.

Payment and Withdrawals

Drakemall uses advanced security features to safeguard your data when transacting on the site. This is common in all csgo gambling sites that are genuine. Moreover, the transactions take a very short time to complete. Once you have topped up your wallet and made a purchase, you only need to wait for the delivery of your mystery box, similar to a lootie box. If you have a virtual mystery box, you can quickly process it on the site.

Customer Support

The live chat function on the site allows you to communicate with fellow players and not the support team. However, if you run into problems and need help, you must send an email to the support team. The support team may take one business to respond to the email.

Restricted Countries

Drakemall delivers in all countries in the world except those against which there are international sanctions. However, the delivery time to many countries may take a long time because of shipping challenges.

Is Drakemall Legit or a Scam?

Drakemall is a legit mystery box site. It is operated by a company called the Esports Kingdom. The company is duly registered in Dublin, Ireland. You can check for this information and verify what the company states on its website. Moreover, Drakemall is legit because it does deliver the mystery boxes that you purchase. Sites that are out to con unsuspecting individuals hardly deliver the mystery boxes you purchase.


Drakemall is one of the most reliable and rapidly growing mystery box sites. Its popularity lies in part to its broad range of mystery boxes. You can select from a wide variety of boxes that contain surprise items. The site also runs many promos and offers. This means that whenever you visit the site and transact, you stand a chance of getting a high-quality item that exceeds the amount of money that you would have spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select all the items in a mystery box on Drakemall?

You cannot select all the items in a mystery box on Drakemall. No mystery box site lets you select all the items you would like to find in the box. Nevertheless, you can choose boxes that match your interest.

How long does it take for the mystery box to be delivered?

It depends on your location. For some locations, it may take as long as 11 days. For some locations, the delivery may take about 3 to 4 days.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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