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  • The site is available in the following four languages: English, German, Polish, and Russian.
  • It has a range of bonuses, promos, and related BC game casino bonus offerings that you would expect to find on any legit site.
  •  It requires a minimum deposit to redeem bonuses and start wagering
  • The site does not have a team of support staff to address issues on a 24/7 basis.
  • The number of games on the site is narrow. Players have to choose between the available games and match betting.
  • The registration process may be cumbersome to some people. You cannot register with your email address directly on the site.

CSGORun allows users to bet on sporting events and wager skins. It has a limited sportsbook that you can use to play common games, including Crash and CSGORoulette. In addition, you can deposit and make payments using various methods.

How To Register & Login

You can log in to your CSGORun account through your Steam account. If you are a new CSGO, you will have to create a new account on Steam. Luckily, creating a new account in Steam is a straightforward process. You need to provide your email address and create a screen name and password. Most people who use browsers nowadays allow them to generate passwords automatically. Thus, you do not have to memorize all the passwords.

Once you have registered a new account, you can return to the home page of CSGORun. The log-in page will prompt you to log in using your Steam account details. Once you successfully log into your new account, your screen will look like what is captured in the screenshot below.

csgorun overview

Bonuses & Promo Codes

All the best and most legitimate CSGO gambling sites offer clients a range of bonuses and promotions. Whereas many sites are fond of offering welcome promo codes for new clients, others offer existing clients discount codes and affiliate codes. As a seasoned punter, you should always look for such bonuses and promo codes for free spins and other benefits.

CSGORun is not different from the other leading online gambling sites. It offers a broad range of bonuses and promo codes. The incentives are tailored for new clients as well as the existing ones.

The site offers a free case and a 10% store reward to all new players. You can take advantage of this bonus by using the following discount code: “csgobettings”. The additional store reward automatically increases your total in the store at no additional cost. This is similar to other bonuses on crypto-based online gambling sites like the roobet promo code.

There are regular giveaways for existing clients. If you check at the bottom left corner of the site, you will see a small section marked, ‘GIVEAWAY.’ The previous list of winners is under this section. However, to benefit from the regular giveaways that the site offers, you must be an active user. You must also have a minimum deposit in your account to benefit.

Games, Sports & Software

Although CSGORun does not have a huge variety of games and related activities, it is still the right place for gaming and sports betting. It has common games, including Crash, Double, and CSGO Roulette.

Crash is the most popular game on the site. It has a multiplier that increases your possible rewards and the risk of losing the amount you place as a wager. The trick of the game is to cash out at the optimal time when the returns are high enough. If you delay, the algorithm crashes you, and you lose the money.

The match betting section of the site contains information about different teams in a range of games worldwide. You can bet on which team is likely to win a game in this site section. The site uses different odds for every specific match.

One interesting feature of the CSGORun site is the live chat section. The online chat section is on the right-hand side of the website. You can chat with fellow users of the site at any time while playing. However, it may not be easy to follow conversations on the chat function because most users post their reactions haphazardly.

Deposit Methods

It is easier and more convenient to deposit to a site that allows various ways than one with limited options. CSGORun has more than 20 different methods for clients to deposit money in their accounts. The different methods of depositing funds are classified as follows: bank, phone, and aggregators.

When depositing money into your account, you can claim a bonus with a promo code. For example, if you have the csgorun 5 bonus code, you can enter the code under the tab where you should indicate your deposit amount.

You can deposit funds to your CSGORun account using cryptocurrencies. Some of the most common cryptos that you can use to deposit funds are Bitcoin, USD Coin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai, and Bitcoin cash. The deposit process is safe because the company has invested in high-end security measures. Such measures include using a modern firewall and SSL security services to secure transactions.

Apart from conventional methods, including bank and mobile money, you can also deposit funds to your account using skins. You can also use PayPal, Alipay, QIWI, and Yandex to deposit money to your CSGORun account.

Payment and Withdrawals

CSGORun offers its clients various methods for making payments and withdrawing skins. Withdrawing your skins on the platform is a straightforward method. Here is a clear rundown of how the process works.

  1. Open the main page of your account. Under the deposit section, you will see a tab marked, ‘withdraw.’ Remember, there are two important settings for withdrawing from your account: auto cash out and normal withdrawal. If you change the settings to allow auto cash out, the site will automatically withdraw funds from your account when the value reaches a certain level.
  2. Choose the skin you would like to remove from your account as part of the withdrawal process. At this point in the process, please recheck your settings. The steam inventory should be set at ‘public.’
  3. Copy and paste the duplicate URL address on the site. This should be an easy step in the process.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal process. This step occurs when a potential investor proposes to purchase the skin. The action allows you to withdraw your funds.

How To Deposit Skins on CSGORun

Depositing skins on CSGORun is a straightforward process. First, click on the deposit icon at the top right-hand of your account. Under the conventional deposit methods, you will find a small section with the title, ‘Alternative Payment Methods.’ Next, select skins or cryptocurrency according to your preferences. If you select skins and have the right URL in your account, you will quickly complete the process.

Customer Support & Contacts

Although clients of online gambling sites prioritize privacy and convenience, they need excellent customer service. The customer service should be reliable, useful, and always available.

CSGORun provides support to its customers in several different ways. The first one is through a Frequently Asked Questions page. The page contains a series of questions that clients of the site commonly ask. For every question, there are concise answers to help the clients.

csgorun faq and support

The following is a screenshot of the FAQ section of the CSGORun website. Instead of listing specific questions like, ‘Is CSGORUN legit?’ the site clusters the questions according to topics. However, there are a few popular questions and their answers.

You can also get assistance from the team by submitting a message. You can track the progress of the message under the ‘my tickets’ section. In addition, any issues pending review by the technical or customer support team appear under this small section of the site.

Sadly, CSGORun does not have a dedicated team to handle issues instantly. Instead, if you click the ‘Contact’ button, you are redirected to a page that contains basic information about the company. At the bottom of the page is an email address that you can use to email the company.

Here is a screenshot of the page that appears when you click on ‘contact.’

csgorun contacts

Restricted Countries

Have you ever asked yourself this question: can you play in the US? Or you may have wondered, is CSGO Run legal in all countries? Unfortunately, you cannot play CSGO Run in the US because of the restrictions that are in place. Thus, you cannot have a CSGORun USA account. Here is a list of other countries where the authorities prohibit people from accessing the CSGORun website.

  • The USA
  • France
  • The Netherlands,
  • Belgium

Is CSGO Run Legit or Scam?

CSGORun is a legitimate cryptocurrency-based online gambling website. Many factors make this site legit and trustworthy. If you are shopping around for a new online gambling site for the first time, you may have asked yourself this question, ‘is csgo run safe?’ The site is very safe for new and established clients. It uses advanced firewalls and related tools to protect the deposit, payments, and withdrawal processes. Clients often lose money during any of these processes on any site that is not legit.

Apart from safety, CRGORun is legit because all its bonuses and incentives are true. For example, you can straightaway get the csgorun 5 bonus or the 5% bonus if you meet all the requirements. There are no hidden rules on how you can get the bonus.

The reviews of CRGORun on Trustpilot are generally positive. Although there are a few complaints about certain site features, users agree that the site is legitimate.


As one of the leading crypto-based online betting and skin-wagering sites, CSGORun has various features that new players will find attractive. You may like to take advantage of the bonuses and promo codes similar to the duelbits promo code. If you already have an account on the site, the occasional giveaways and free spins may be very attractive. You can deposit funds to the site using a range of methods. However, the site has a very narrow sportsbook. Also, you must register with Steam before making a new account on CSGO Run. Nevertheless, the platform is secure, legit, and fun to use, even for a new client.


How can I win a big bonus on CSGORun?

You can get a big bonus on CSGORun by employing the right strategies. It would help if you understood the strategies for withdrawing and depositing and then exploit them carefully to win a big bonus.

Can I deposit funds to my CSGORun account using Bitcoin?

Yes, you can deposit funds to your CSGORun account using bitcoin. Besides, you can use any other cryptocurrencies that the site allows. You may also use conventional FIAT methods to deposit funds to your account.

How do I solve ‘This promotion can presently not be initiated?’

Store and put down a bet to solve this error message on your CSGORun account. This error message occurs when you fail to place wagers.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
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