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Take a look at our review of Caserandom to learn more about this legit CSGO case opening site and what they have to offer. Information about using a Caserandom promo code to claim bonuses, how to withdraw skins from the site and Caserandom pros and cons are provided.

What is Caserandom?

Caserandom is a CSGO case opening site. Case opening sites sell cases to users of the site which when opened will have various CSGO skins inside. Prices for cases vary as do the value of the skins they contain. They value of the skins can be less or more than the amount actually paid for the case, sometimes considerably more which is one of the reasons people like to open cases. Some case opening sites such as WTFSkins have several games which can be wagered on but this is not so with Caserandom. You won’t find them on a list of CSGO Jackpot sites or CSGO coin flip sites. What you will find is plenty of cases to open. The cases range in price from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Caserandom also offers contracts where you can exchange several lower valued skins for one of higher value. An interesting feature at Caserandom is their search tool. Users can enter the name of almost any CSGO skin and it will show you which cases on their site contain it. This is pretty useful if you are looking for a specific skin. The only other features you will find are a counter that keeps track of the number of cases opened on the Caserandom site and a display of skins players have won recently.

How to Get Free Cases On Caserandom

Users of the Caserandom site have the opportunity to get free cases every day. In order to qualify for the daily free cases users will need to do two things. They should add caserandom.com to their Steam name and deposit $10 or more to their account. Doing so will qualify the user for a free case every 24 hours. Free cases opened by users can contain a variety of skins or free balance that will be added to their account.

How to Get Money on Caserandom

There is basically one method that you can use to deposit money to your Caserandom account. This is through G2A Pay. There are also a couple of different ways to earn money on the site. The first of these is through a welcome bonus for first time users. New users can enter a Caserandom affiliate code after registering which qualifies them for a cash bonus that will be credited to their account. Another way to pick up money on the site is through opening the free cases as mentioned previously.

Caserandom isn’t like Lootbet and other CSGO betting sites for real money that allow you to withdraw cash. Of course users are welcome to withdraw skins they have won on Caserandom and sell them. All exchanges are done in the automatic mode via Steam bots. The process of how to put skins from Caserandom to Steam inventory is fairly simple. First go to your profile on Caserandom. Next select the item to transfer and click “send”. The “get” button should appear which will take you directly to the Steam Exchange. The trade link in your profile and your Steam settings should be the same or you will get an error.

How to Pay On Caserandom with PayPal

The only way to deposit money into your account on Caserandom is by using G2A Pay. This doesn’t mean there is no way to use PayPal. To do so just transfer funds from G2A from PayPal, then use G2A to deposit to Caserandom. You can deposit to G2A Pay using a wide variety of methods besides PayPal which will enable you to then transfer funds to Caserandom.

Caserandom Promo Code

In order to claim the welcome bonus that Caserandom offers you will need to enter a promo code after registration. After signing in to the site, enter the Caserandom coupon code in the promo code field to claim your bonus. It will be credited to your account. This is similar to the CSGOFast bonus codes used to claim bonuses on their site and works in much the same way

Is Caserandom Legit or Scam?

Caserandom was started back in 2016 and received a lot of criticism in their early days. However they have now been operating for over 3 years and more than 57 million cases have been opened on their site. Caserandom has many repeat users which wouldn’t happen if they weren’t doing something right. The skin withdrawal process is smooth and Caserandom buys back unclaimed skins and deposits the money in the users account. Their customer support can be contacted through email and is pretty good at responding in a reasonable time. Caserandom is a legitimate case opening site.

Caserandom Pros and Cons

There are some definite positive aspects to Caserandom:

  • Large selection of cases to open
  • Search tool that allows you to view which cases you can find specific skins in
  • Site is available in 12 different languages
  • Free daily cases where users can win skins or money

Some things that could be better at Caserandom

  • Customer support could respond faster. Live support would be better
  • No other games on the site


As a CSGO case opening site Caserandom does quite well. They have a great selection of cases to choose from and using the search tool users can find which cases have specific skins. They provide new users with a welcome bonus and daily free cases are available. Caserandom has rectified the issue of not showing odds which indicates they are responsive to their customers. They don’t offer any other games but in fairness to them this is likely by design and they serve case opening fans well. Overall Caserandom is a good place for those who enjoy CSGO case opening websites.

For those in the mood for games other than case opening take a look at our CSGOEmpire review and see what they have to offer.


How do I qualify to get free cases on Caserandom?

To qualify to receive free daily cases you must make a deposit of at least $10 to the site and add “Caserandom.com” to your steam profile name. Once done you may receive a daily case that will contain random items or free balance.

How do I credit money to my account?

All deposits into the site are made through G2A Pay only.

Can I withdraw cash from my account?

No; there is no provision for the withdrawal of cash from your account, you can only transfer skins.

Is it easy to withdraw skins from the site?

Yes; the site has made it as simple as possible and it will just take a few mouse clicks to transfer your items to the Steam Exchange.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.com, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.

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